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This blog is not frequently updated because most case-by-case scam reports are now listed in subordinate blogs. At this point in time, most of my efforts are targeted at documenting employment scams in the Suckers Wanted blog.


Job Scam: Advertising International Company

Like the FIAS job scam last month, these otherwise ordinary job scammers seem to have compromised someone else's domain and web-hosting facilities. Just like last time, the compromised site is a church/charity type operation. Is this a targeted attack, or do charitable operations just usually have bad passwords? Whatever the case, the spam arrived from on Mon, 19 Sep 2005 17:40:49 -0000, and the linked domain, "" (link removed in text below), appears to be an innocent but compromised third party.

Advertising International Company
More than 7 years of successful working in the market of advertising services

Looking for a perspective and well-paid job
in the Australia?
1. If you are looking for a perspective and well-paid work in the Australia (of more than 1000$ in a week guaranteed).

2. If you are a resident of the Australia (Prefer).

3. If you are over 18 (Obligatory condition).

- Flexible hours

- No financial risk, you do not need pay money for start work!

Check up our site for the further information
Click here (once)


Meta: 419s Taken Elsewhere

The recent export of Lottery Scams has worked well for me, so I'm doing the same with 419s. From now on, please refer to The 419 Files for reports on the latest 419 sightings.

Job Scam:

Not much to say about this one: some sort of generic "job scam" targeted at Australians. No doubt the details are as follows: our "customers" send you money, and you send it to us via Western Union, minus your commission. In reality: it's money laundering for online theives. The spam was sent from on Sun, 11 Sep 2005 15:08:50 -0000.

Need Extra Income? Lack money?

New opportunities for you - today!


1.Basic Internet knowledge and access to a computer with internet connection.(e-mail access).
2. Western Union/MoneyGram in your city.
3.Possibility to visit a bank or cashing location any day of the week if needed. It is better if there are cashing locations which work 7 days a week nearby.
4.Adults only.
5.Must be able to work without supervision.
6.10 to 15 hours per week for communication. 

For this work you don't need:

-a special education
-possessing some special skills or knowledge
-possessing storehouse, office, special equipment.

The job we offer is related to email. It is an easy job which doesn't require leaving your main occupation.

Contact us, your job is waiting for you!

If you are intrested in the job please fill in this form and send it to 

First name:
Last name:
Current occupation: 
Some words about you:

Please send your application forms to only!

Peter Stevens,
personnel manager
Australian Finance Group


Job Scam: Travel Tour Guide

This is the usual dodgy "money laundering thinly disguised as payment processing" job scam. There is no genuine connection to -- this is just name-dropping on the part of the scammer to lend the scam an air of legitimacy. The only domain really operated by the scam artist is "", registered on 2005-06-23 through YESNIC. The website at is staggeringly elaborate, and although much of it is plagiarised from Let's Go, it's obviously a large investment in time and effort. This is a highly organised and premeditated scam.

The spam was received from on Wed, 31 Aug 2005 21:05:30 -0000.

The leading Internet job site presents unique
part-time job proposal from International tour agency Travel Tour Guide.
That job position was called "Job of The Year-2004" and it is actual now
because of end of summer and best prices for Travel Tour Guide proposals in

Do you want to start a successful carrier right now without any entrance
fees, without buying goods or involving other people? Do you want to start
a successful carrier in financial sphere without economical education or
special experience? . So this is a chance for you.

Travel Tour Guide is happy offering you to apply for one of the open
financial manager positions. This is a unique proposal because while
examining you as applicant only your criminal records and credit history
will be looked through. All they demand from you is to check your e-mail
several times a day and to have a valid bank account or to open a new one.

The main option of financial manager's job is to receive funds on personal
bank account with future remittance to Travel Tour Guide. Manager gets 5%
from every remittance. So every financial manager of Travel Tour Guide has
an opportunity of getting 800-900 USD per week.

Travel Tour Guide resumed that position because of regular bank wires last
for 3-5 days. Such long period prevents them from selling hot tours.
Besides the world leading payment systems like Visa and MasterCard
decreased the limits for Internet payments. The activity of financial
managers in various regions became a rescue for wide range of on-line
companies which sells good up to bank limits.

Travel Tour Guide has already got the network of financial managers working
worldwide. They have got a high demand at the beginning of the autumn in
Western Europe so the managers can not process all the transactions in
time. So company resumed that vacancy in Europe.
Please forward your letter to and you will be
sent the detailed job description and also you can ask for application

If you are not interested in this job offer you can visit
A lot of vacancies from more than 75000 employers can be found there.