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This blog is not frequently updated because most case-by-case scam reports are now listed in subordinate blogs. At this point in time, most of my efforts are targeted at documenting employment scams in the Suckers Wanted blog.


Meta: Current Interests no longer include Stock Spam

Stock spam quantities have reached unmanageably high levels this month. Consequently, I'm no longer interested in them. To give you some idea, in the last two weeks I've received stock spam covering the following stock symbols: ABZS, ADCS, AXCP, CDGT, CHMS, CYGT, GTEC, KLGE, PPTL, RMVN, SHCM, USTA, VNBL, and WWBP. If anyone wants me to forward all my stock spam to them for reporting purposes, I'd be happy to do so, but frankly this stuff is as common as muck at the moment.

Lottery scams and 419s are still being reported in their respective sub-blogs, and any job scams that come to my attention are reported here. Phishing scams I will report if they are interesting enough to warrant it, but eBay and PayPal phish attempts haven't been interesting in a long time now. I'm also not interested in fake watch spam, fake diploma spam, or any kind of pharmacy spam -- I'm sure everyone gets tons of it daily, as I do.

Anything new that comes along is almost sure to be interesting, and will be reported.


Job Scam:

Just a typical money laundering job thinly veiled as a "finance manager". Don't get involved unless you like talking to police about possession of stolen money. Spam came from on Sat, 26 Nov 2005 19:48:17 -0000.


To Whom It May Concern:

We are currently searching for enthusiastic, energetic and flexible individuals to fill the positions of Finance Managers. This is a very flexible, part-time position. Finance Managers are required to work up to 2 hours per day. You will be required to have a bank account in a specific bank with Internet banking and Tax Number/Social Security number. Computer is a must.

Job ID: FM01974

Should you be interested, Please fill the form of registration on our site ( or send email to for more information. To Subject box, please enter first 2 letters of your country followed by job ID. Our manager will contact you via phone for granting fuller information.

Thank you,

General Manager: Wean Diesel

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Job Scam: RuAmerica

I'm a bit slow off the mark reporting this one because my inbox has been weighed down with so much stock spam to report that I've been putting it off a lot. I shouldn't have let this one slip though: job scams are urgent business, unlike stock spam. Anyhow, this is a little different from the usual money-handling job scam, but it's basically the same deal. Some crook somewhere buys expensive goods like laptop computers online using stolen credit card details, then gets it all shipped to your address. To reduce suspicion, the name of the credit card owner is given as the shipping address. The middle-man gets to forward all this stuff on to the crook for the paltry sum of US$35 per package up until the police arrive and start questioning him about dealing in fraudulently acquired goods. Not a job with good long-term prospects, is it?

This spam was received from [] on Fri, 18 Nov 2005 00:34:32 +0000.


My name is Mark Birman I'm job manager in RuAmerica corporation.
We're searching for new partnerships in continental USA.

Let me say few words about our company.
We're working for several years worldwide, providing the best
service in Shipping and Transporting. We work with European
countries for 4 years. Our partners are USPS, FedEx, DHL, Ebay, Amazon and many
other shipping companies and shops. We're providing financial services too.

Let me say about the position we offer.
It is called Correspondence Assistant/Representative. It is new
position for us, and it is very valuable now. In August 2003, many
European countries changes their rules for customs and taxes for
merchandise, sent from countries, that don't belong to EU. This
means, that package that is sent from a company - will be a subject
for VAT in Europe, but the package that is sent from a person -
doesn't have VAT. Because of that, prices for shipping services
grow, and we try to reduce them. And we need YOU.

Your task - to receive packages that will be delivered to you, and
redirect them, following our instructions.
Packages will be delivered by courriers to your location.
Then you will be given money for shipping fees.
Your fee is 35 USD per package you receive.
No start up fees! No out of pocket fees! Nothing to pay!

IMPORTANT. We put names of our customers on the packages, so names will be different from yours.

We will inform you about incoming packages. We pay you via PayPal,
wire transfer, Check, Money Order or Western Union. Your
commissions will be paid every two weeks.
We will make agreement which you will sign and return back to us.
In this document all responsibilities and duties will be conrirmed.
If you are interested in this offer, or have more questions
please fill application form.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards, Mark Birman
Tel/Fax : (910) 401-1021


Job Scam: Yana from United Kingdom

This is a typical "money laundering thinly disguised as payment processing" job offer. Two copies of this spam were received: one from on Thu, 10 Nov 2005 05:41:03 +1100; the other from the same address on Thu, 10 Nov 2005 05:44:19 +1100 (three minutes later). It may be that one of the copies was sent to a distribution list, or something like that. The contact address they offer for this spam is, but they failed to include this in the text -- it only appeared in the hyperlink which I have removed, because they didn't close it.


I'm Yana from United Kingdom. I'm personal manager of one very big online store. We have free vacancy of Main Funds Manager. And we need good reliable people to this position.
If you have 21+, have a banking account, speak on english and have 1-3 hours for this work per day we can discuss about your person.
Please, read SHORT JOB DESCRIPTION, befor contact us.
1. Our client send money into your banking account.
2. Immediately after money get rich your account you must withdraw this money minus your 5%.
3. You must immediately send to our other client Western Union. Western Union payment is our also.
Please, read this info carefully and only after that ask your question!
Our support temporary email is
Thank you!


Stock Spam: CDGT

We've seen loads of "China Digital Media Corporation" stock spam in the past, but this is a slightly new twist. I'm reporting it here rather than in the Stock Spam Blog because the text of the spam is stored as an image (attached to this post). I've mostly seen this technique used in fake Rolex and fake diploma spam.

The spam itself was received from on Fri, 4 Nov 2005 06:59:26 +0000.


Job Scam: Nations

This is the usual "we need you to handle money for us" job scam, but it plays the sympathy card rather than (or as well as) the avarice card: the vacancy is supposed to be at a charitable organisation that funds operations for children with cancer. I'm not going to bother checking whether there is a real organisation fitting the description given in this message: it hardly matters one way or the other. They have a nicely-produced (but unconvincing if you've seen this scam played a hundred times already) web site which includes the job ad. Accepting the job simply means that stolen money is transferred into your account, and you send it overseas to the thieves via Western Union until the local authorities come knocking on your door and ask about all the stolen money in your account.

The spam was received from on Wed, 2 Nov 2005 15:56:20 -0000.

Welfare foundation "Nations" is looking to hire a part-time(full-time)
employee to fill the position of financial operations manager
(500-2000AUD per week).

About Us:
Nations, was founded in March 2002 and headquartered in Kiev, is a non
profit Semi government organization, helping oncology diseased
children for all over the former USSR.

Our Tasks:
1. To pay the urgent and expressive operation for children.
2. To provide the children's oncological centers with modern equipment
and expenditure materials;
3. To establish hospitals of one-day-being and boarding houses for
children taking treatment as out-patients;
4. To arrange hospices for domestic care of hopelessly sick children;
5. To enable access toward necessary modern and special information in
6. To improve the qualification upgrade of Ukraine children's
oncologists in advanced western clinics;
7. To integrate and develop existing Tele-medicine networks in the
8. To creation of the national bank of donors material;
9. To perfect of insurance system;
10. To participate in relevant programs of insurance aimed at
increasing the social protection of children with oncological
11. To promote the services of psychological support for children with
cancer and for their parents;
12. Arrangement of informational centers for parents of children,
suffering from cancer;
13. To develop the publication of scientific and popular literature on
early diagnostic and prophylaxis of children's cancer and about care
of diseased children, and its dissemination over children's and
educational institutions.

Job Description:
We are searching new staff to join our company as financial operations
manager. Obligation of the manager is processing payments from our
patrons with daily inspection. That means that you are an authorized
person to receive money transfers.

 Age 21-60 years, permanent Internet access, personal e-mail,
competence to use bank services.
 Autonomy, flexibility, initiative and creativity, good
organizational skills.

If you are interested in this vacancy, send your Resume by email to:

For more information please visit our website: