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Phone Scam: Your 1 True Love

This is a bit different for me, but this kind of practice peeves me no end. There is a site called "Your 1 True Love" which is apparently targeting Britons and Australians through a Google AdWords campaign. "Predict your one true love," says the ad. "Find your ideal soul mate predicted right down to the name." Obvious baloney, but a harmless bit of fun, right? Wrong: it's a nasty little trap for the unwary.

The page to which the ad links has a form for your name, your mobile phone number, and your date of birth. The button is a pretty graphic that says "YES, I wish to receive my soulmates name" with "and agree to the terms and conditions" in small print underneath. Mobile number? Terms and conditions? I can see where this is going: it's a premium rate SMS scam.

Digging a little deeper into the HTML source for the page, I see there's Javascript code to ensure that the mobile number entered follows the form of either a UK mobile number or an Australian mobile number. I also find a mention of the terms and conditions, but its hidden inside an HTML comment, so you can't see it at all unless you look at the source. The deactivated link goes to a poorly-formatted page which has the following text.

Terms and Conditions Of Service

Your 1 True Love is a subscription based mobile phone service, you must be at least 16 years of age or older and have the bill payers permission.

You will receive a prediction of your true love followed by love predictions. Cost is $5 per message with up to 15 predictions/messages sent to your phone per month.

You can stop subscription at any time by sending stop to 19999003. For full terms and conditions click here.

Note that the "click here" text in the above quote is not a link. I can't tell at this stage what that "19999003" number is about: numbers of that form (starting with "1") in the UK are "Access/Short code" numbers, and the same applies in Australia to the best of my knowledge. In the UK, however, the range starting with "199" is not yet allocated. I have no idea what the state of affairs is in Australia. The number could be completely bogus, I suppose.

Anyhow, this is fairly typical for a premium SMS scam: trick people into "signing up" for an indefinite supply of useless, expensive messages, then suck their phone account dry with it.

I'm not usually one to advocate vigilantism, but in this particular case I think turnabout is fair play: if you find a Google Ad for this particular crowd, be sure to click on it early and often, since they pay per click. Their assumption is that they can make the scam pay, so long as they get enough suckers to "sign up" by submitting their phone number on that form. Go ahead and give them a taste of their own.

The domain name in question is "", and the registration for that domain is through "Domains by Proxy, Inc." -- for obvious reasons.


Spotter said...

My attention has been brought to another instance of this scam, nearly identical, operating under the domain name "". The following is an extract from their unconscionable terms and conditions.

By signing up with or accessing any of services, you form a partnership with whereby you give permission to accept any type of promotional or otherwise content from and third parties affiliated with at any time. This includes material sent via SMS, E-Mail or any other means of communication utilized by and any of its affiliates.

Each love calculation costs $6.60. You are also charged a one time only horoscope club membership fee of $6.60. You will receive one free horoscope with every love calculation. You will then receive weekly horoscope charged at $6.60 each. All messages sent to the service number will be replied with a charged message of $6.60. You must be the owner of the mobile device or have the permission of the owner. You must be 16 years of age or older. To unsubscribe, send the word STOP to the service number 19700057 or call 1300 767 306.

Anonymous said...

The person behind this one (domain name registrant at any rate), one Eugeni Tsvetnenko, has come under the scrutiny of the ACCC in the past for another scam. He wasn't prosecuted, but agreed to comply with court-enforcable directives to stop what he was doing. It was a bogus dating/introduction service that actually did no such thing, just sold SMSes.

His own domain name at was until recently registered to Bradley Norrish, yes, the one who has been prosecuted repeatedly for online scams involving sending fake bills to domain registrants for similar domain names to the ones they hold.

Spotter said...

Thanks for that information, Anonymous. One person has emailed me with information to the effect that he* started receiving SMS messages from this dodgy operator, and was charged accordingly, without signing up. He* contacted his* mobile phone service provider, and had the charges removed and refunded.

Contacting the ACCC and lodging a complaint is probably a good move too. Complaints are evidence, and evidence makes the legal world go around.

* not necessarily male

Anonymous said...

your one true love is a piece of SHIT SERVICE i hate its fucking guts rip me off mutha fucka i hope you get caught and prosecuted you fucking rip off scamming MAGOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!kind regards bonita

Anonymous said...

04/03/07 5:11 PM Premium SMS Text received from 19700057 00:00 6.60

I got the above in my bill. The strange thing is that I joined nothing and RECEIVED no SMS.

I hope my phone caompany can stort this out and stop Eugeni Tsvetnenko.

Anonymous said...

I left the last message. For those involved in this scam, contact the Telephone Industry Ombudsman (TIO), they promised to investigate.

Anonymous said...

I have just had $40 worth of charges on my 3 account from this scam and 3 say they can't refund! Why not?

Anonymous said...

The same add is now being broadcast on national Tv in Australia

Anonymous said...

I've been charged almost $40 as well. I called 3 and they said they can't refund it, but they gave me another number to call to stop getting them. For reference, it's 1300 767 306 - you have to follow the prompts, I just hope they stop now. I tried to send "stop" to the other numbers available, but none of them sent because "delivery is not available"!!! I don't even know how I got signed up to this scam in the first place!!!

Anonymous said...

mate have been caught as well - all of a sudden i have a hugh mobile phone bill from this c@#? - i am going to the ACCC and the telecommunications ombudsman over this one - not happy, too say the lease

sally77 said...

I sent for the 1 true love message i know sad as it is and have been majoraly ripped offf.. not happy at all after the second charged message i sent stop and they sent back u have now been unsubscibed and after that another 7 messages came about other crap i didnt ask for.. i am very pissed off as it is wrong is there anything we can do about it?????? why did i keep getting charged after they said i had unsubscribed????

Anonymous said...

im not totally sure which website i signed up 2 but it is something like one of those thats mentioned on this page.
i got the name of 'a lover' haha. but now keep recieving horiscopes from the number 838333, it tells me my horoscope and my lucky day. if you know what company this is with and how to STOP!!!!!!!!! them please let me know. thanks!

Anonymous said...

i had 5 bucks credit left on my phone so i sent did the '1 true love' thing, just as a bit of a joke, and quikly sent the stop message. i was kinda pissed off cause i'm a chick and they said my 1 tru love was 'amber' and i am not gay. but anyway, i figured that they got theirs cause i'm on a prepaid mobile plan so because i sent the opt out message before they sent me everything i really only paid for one message and received like 5 from them hahaha, as well as a heap of messages from my mobile company saying i had no credit to send the message (the one's they were sending to me), but that was ok, i just thought it was funny that the scammers gto scammed.

Although if anyone is going to try this, i suggest a prepaid phone and only lik 5-10 bucks credit so that they don't just take all ur money when u recharge ur service.

Anonymous said...

im from Canada. how do i stop reciving getting messages? can anyone help plz

Jules said...

This elusive Mr Tsvetnenko passes himself off as an Indian trading company SkyCell International Pty Ltd who is current under investigation with Australian commission with court-enforceable undertakings Issued: 12th October 2006

Mr Eugeni Yurievich Tsvetnenko

ss. 52, 53(c) and 53(e). Alleged misleading or deceptive conduct and misleading representations regarding performance characteristics, benefits and price

On 11 October 2006 the ACCC accepted a court enforceable undertaking from Mr Eugeni Tsvetnenko, trading as Mobile Adverts.

Mr Tsvetnenko advertised a service named SecureDate in the ‘she seeks him’ section of the Quokka classifieds newspaper, and at the Quokka online service. The advertisements represented that the SecureDate service was a personal introduction and dating service, consumers could request to list their own profile, and that the maximum call cost was $4.99.

Following complaints to the ACCC, Mr Tsvetnenko was advised the advertisements appeared to contain false and misleading representations that may contravene the consumer protection provisions of the Trade Practices Act.

Mr Tsvetnenko has given a court enforceable undertaking not to engage in misleading or deceptive conduct with respect to the promotion of personal introduction services, and he will attend trade practices training and implement a trade practices compliance program.

I made a complaint logged and sent to Telecoms Watchdog ICSTIS, OFCOM, logged as Fradualent-SCAM on 14/08/07 with, and against [ Campaign run by: SkyCell International Pty Ltd ] - of Vinayak Residency
Flat 401, 6/5D Anil Maitra Rd, Kolkatta. 700019, India

He uses a pin.php screen to capture your IP address

checks where you are (mobile no) and floods inbox with Aries/Leo crap.

His domain details are below and I hope is is STOPped, his domain is CANCELed and together more people reporting him gets the book thrown at him:

version: 1.23.0
query_datetime: 2007-03-10T11:29:27+13:00
query_status: 200 Active
domain_dateregistered: 2007-01-12T15:45:15+13:00
domain_datebilleduntil: 2008-01-12T15:45:15+13:00
domain_datelastmodified: 2007-01-12T16:00:02+13:00
domain_delegaterequested: yes
registrar_name: 1st Domains
registrar_address1: P O Box 1520
registrar_address2: Christchurch Mail Centre
registrar_city: Christchurch
registrar_province: Canterbury
registrar_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
registrar_phone: +64 3 962-9520
registrar_fax: +64 3 962-9513
registrant_contact_name: MobileFone
registrant_contact_address1: 20
registrant_contact_address2: Canning
registrant_contact_city: Sydney
registrant_contact_province: WA
registrant_contact_postalcode: 6154
registrant_contact_country: AU (AUSTRALIA)
registrant_contact_phone: +61 2 9999999
admin_contact_name: MobileFone
admin_contact_address1: 20
admin_contact_address2: Canning
admin_contact_city: Sydney
admin_contact_province: WA
admin_contact_postalcode: 6154
admin_contact_country: AU (AUSTRALIA)
admin_contact_phone: +61 2 9999999
technical_contact_name: MobileFone
technical_contact_address1: 20
technical_contact_address2: Canning
technical_contact_city: Sydney
technical_contact_province: WA
technical_contact_postalcode: 6154
technical_contact_country: AU (AUSTRALIA)
technical_contact_phone: +61 2 9999999

The source for the site also points to, which has this registration data:

Domain Name:
Last Modified: Never Updated
Registrar ID: R00011-AR
Registrar Name: Namescout
Registrant: Eugeni Tsvetnenko
Registrant ID: ABN 98436424307
Eligibility Type: Company
Eligibility Name: Eugeni Tsvetnenko
Eligibility ID: ABN 98436424307
Registrant ROID: C2204266-AR
Registrant Contact Name: Mr Eugeni Tsvetnenko
Registrant Email: Visit for Web based WhoIs
Tech ID: C1955940-AR
Tech Name: Mr Eugeni Tsvetnenko
Tech Email: Visit for Web based WhoIs
Name Server:
Name Server:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HOW DO U GET ON THERE FN SITE SO I CAN REALLY ROOT THEM UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eugeni Zhenya Tsvetnenko is busy spending your hard earned money he scammed on his million dollar wedding in Perth:,21598,23149231-5005370,00.html

Anonymous said...

im only 13 and i did it to find out my IQ and now i have no credit and it takes all my money how do i stop it plz help me!!!!!

Spotter said...

In the first instance, I suggest that you contact your phone service provider. Make sure that they understand you are under 18, as I would expect this to have a significant bearing on any "contract" into which you may have entered. If they can't give you any satisfaction, the easiest approach is probably to abandon your existing phone number and get a new one with a different phone provider. You could also try contacting the relevant government "fair trading" authorities if you seriously feel like taking action against the company. It seems that not all scams are illegal, though, and some (like the operators of this scam and its variants) like to enrich themselves with such barely-legal daylight robbery. Ultimately, pre-paid phones with a low credit balance are the best protection you can get. The cost of making calls may be higher, but I can only suggest scaling back your telephone usage until the phone providers realise that they need to offer you a service which does not expose you to random theives of this sort.

Anonymous said...

This is how we can stop Zhenya. Don't rely on the ACCC or FCC or any prosecutor. I have a plan. If Zhenya thinks he is untouchable by committing fraud upon the citizens of the United States and the world, he just messed up. He is in the same catagory as Bin Laden. This is the plan for him for defrauding thousands of US citizens at least. I will sue him and all of his companies directly in the US, and yes the US has jurisdiction because the internet and phone lines are global and cross the US. I will obtain a large US court judgment when he fails to answer. I then will file it with the Australian district courts for enforcement. Here it goes. If you wish to get on the wagon just send me an email. This is the real thing. And if Zhenya if you happen to get this email to have your attorney call me for a conference, because this is going to be a big one, class action size. Daniel Montes, Jr., 214-708-4007,

Spotter said...

I've just been informed of something remarkably similar operating under the name "My Luv Crush" ( It's exactly the same kind of premium SMS rubbish, but calling itself a "Flirting Tips Subscription Service". The domain is registered through an anonymising proxy, and the site contains no information as to the business identity behind the operation. There are other potentially identifying leads, however: the "unsubscribe" number is (Australia) 19719760 (you have to SMS "STOP" to it); a "further information" number is (Australia) 1300767306; and they provide an email contact address of "", and "" is registered as follows.

Mobile Messenger Australia Pty Ltd
PO Box 1969
North Sydney, NSW 2060

That registration data (created on 21-Apr-2006) also provides administrative and billing contacts at the same address, using phone number +61.299003600, and an email address in the domain "". That domain in turn is listed as belonging to "MOBILE MESSENGER TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD", ABN 60 108 399 159. A search on that ABN suggests that this entity was also previously known as "SOL MOBILE PTY LTD" (from March 2004 until July 2006), and operated at a different address.

None of the above identities mean anything to me, particularly, but I can see that other people posting in this thread have done or are doing some research on the matter. Perhaps this will prove informative to them.

Spotter said...

Actually, although my previous post is true and correct, there's more to it that I should mention. (Such a tangled web!) The thing was brought to my attention as a Google AdWords campaign. The ad text appears as follows.

Who Has a Crush on You?
Calculate their Exact Name Now, Its Scary How Accurate this Is...

However, the actual link is not to "" (registered on 16-Dec-07 under the identity "Nathan Thomson" of Mosman Park in Perth, Western Australia), but to the domain "" ( is registered anonymously, created on 03-feb-2006). That, in turn, simply loads a redirection script which sends the browser to

If, on the other hand, you go to the "" site directly, you find some bland advice about "How to get over your crush" (copy-pasted from some other website entirely, which they are polite enough to cite) with a banner ad saying "Who has a crush on you? Find out now". This banner ad goes via "" (registered 23-jul-2004 -- presumably some kind of pay-per-click ad service) to a warning page which says that the campaign has expired, then redirects to "", which looks a whole lot like "", right down to having a "" contact address in the fine print.

Are you keeping up with all these identities? Got a rough idea of who is who? I'm a bit lost, personally. Anyhow, "" is yet another anonymous registration, created on 08-feb-2007. Contrast that with "", which was registered on 18-jul-2007, and still going. Oh, and for good measure, note that someone else already commented how similar "" was to "" when I documented the latter over here.

This modus operandi is quite typical of scam artists: they invent new names on a regular basis to dodge accumulated knowledge of the scam, and hide behind many intermediates to make prosecution (and other forms of action) difficult.

Anonymous said...

If you were charged on your cell phone bill for mobile content services or subscriptions (i.e., ringtones, premium text message alerts, ringers, etc.) that you never ordered or authorized, tell us your story!

b1tchyb1tch said...

to stop these horoscopes when you open the message, hit reply as though you were going to respond to a text from a friend in the subject line type stop and then hit send. I believe i got it from clicking on an app on Facebook. It sent me the name of my perfect crush which turned out to be my sons name. then the horoscopes started coming all hours of the day and night and they were creepy! If i was fighting with my roomie I would get a horoscope right after saying " just be the bigger person and don't rise to your roomies'll both make things worse" thats how i finally figured it was from Facebook. When you add an app you authorize them to access your information =- i figured out that it was "reading" my ,m,ails to friends and thats how it sends accurate horoscopes

Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps for putting the info up how to get rid of that stupid flirt tips service (19719760). I was about to change my phone number because it was ruining my account. Maybe I should go and visit that dude in Mosman Park; it's only a 5 minute drive!

Mobile Messenger said...

We at Mobile Messenger would like to assist you with your concern or complaint. If you need assistance in regards to being unsubscribed or other related issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please call 1-800-416-6129 Monday to Friday 0600 – 1800 US Pacific Time or email For assistance in Australia, please call 1300-766 915 Monday to Friday 0900 – 1700 EST or email

Anonymous said...

I've been through the same thing as you guys and I've just realized it after many months!!!!! I'm so pissed of!!!!The worse thing is that I got these txt msg from2 different cpies: Your 1 true love +!!!!!I would have never thought that such a thing could happen!

Can someone tell me if I can get a refund? I've already contacted Optus and they told me that I had to contact directly these dodgy cpies and try to get a reimbursement, which I'm sure I won't get.

Your help on this would be much appreciated!



Anonymous said...

I'm with optus and it was they who told me what was happening etc. They told me to ring the helpline number, explain things to them and tell them to put a stop on every message that lists the 1971 number even though those i spoke to at the time said they were putting a stop on it right there for me - and then allow 24 to 48 hours for it to go through. If it doesn't stop, you have to keep calling the helpline until it gets stopped. I got a refund - seems some do and some don't but anyone with any other provider should go straight to their provider's help desk and discuss it with them. Point them to this page if you need to just to prove it is lethal.

Anonymous said...

I just replied to the number that was on the end of the scam SMS and said STOP. They have now sent a message saying "leaving so soon? Love is in the air!! 2 find guidance to true love reply with MALE. Help? 1300767306."
I hope this helps and I hope they stop.

flayem said...

Hi Everybody,
All of the above is interesting reading. In my case, a work colleague went to a banner add in facebook and then entered my mobile number in place of his as he didn't want any hassle or followup. He just wanted the name of his one true love - yeah right!! So as far as i'm concerned, Mobile Messenger Australia Pty Ltd, have billed me illegally because they haven't got a clue if the mobile number entered on their pages is true or not, and in their psms messages to my phone, never once did they indicate that their service was actually costing me money at $6.60 per psms. So legally, their charges to my account fall under the banner of Undisclosed Charges. They are legally obliged to reversed those charges, because the recipient did not agree to them. Somebody else entered a random mobile number or it was wrongly entered by someone with a knowledge of your number. It doesn't matter if Mobile Messenger through their website gets and IP number of the person who visited their site, good grief, how many people can work in the same office or company covered by a single IP. So send them a summons, if they refuse to reverse their charges and then they will have to reversed the charges and pay your costs of recovery of the fraudulent charge. I know Zhenya Svetnenko and his lovely red Ferrari or whatever it is. I attended his wedding and it made me sick that speeches at his wedding and writeups in the papers praised him for his business acumen and entrepreneurial skill, when in fact he has made his money from deliberately ripping his fellow australians off and making himself rich at the expense of all those "users" of his services that don't have a clue what they are getting into. Some people that can ill afford to pay his bills because they don't understand, just so he can have a "million dollar wedding" and drive around in a red ferrari.

Anonymous said...

Yes Flayem i also know Zhenya Svetnenko, his ferrari,3 other cars, went to his wedding and felt sick seeing the write up and hearing the speeches. He's an asshole and has everyone fooled in his relationships which people think are sincere when you can see he only cares about himself. He and his wife are exactly the same. I and many people are waiting for the day he is broke and doesn't spit in peoples faces.

Anonymous said...

Just a comment on flayems post above. What his work colleague must have done is provide his number and then answer the incoming psms which sends a pin that must be sent back to Mobile Messenger, then they start sending the psms's to the phone. In the initial sms the charges are stated. So whether the colleague deleted the initial sms with the pin or whether flayem didn't notice it because it was already opened, it doesn't matter; flayem didn't agree to the charges and had no knowledge of them. Now take it out of the realm of the office and put it into the home where a MINOR goes to the website and gives a parents mobile number. There are many parents out there that can ill afford any charges at all above their regular phone usage and you can't tell me that if they summonsed Mobile Messenger Australia in the small claims court, providing a stat dec that they were not the ones who subscribed, Mobile Messenger would be up for the refund of charges, the cost of the summons, the cost of their own legal representation, the claimants costs and would be left wondering... "Ooops where do we go from here fellas? Can't defend this one... better rethink the scam... quickly so we can keep those bucks coming in... sorta legally". Of course, i'm not a lawyer and so don't quite know the liability of the owner of the phone in this case. In the case of a work colleague, maybe the charges to the phone account would stick and the judge would say to the phone owner, "summons your colleage for fraudulently using your phone"... but in the case of a MINOR, the minor can't be charged or summonsed, and maybe the judge would direct that a refund take place with a caution to keep better control of your phone.

Anonymous said...

Some txt messages kept comming to my cell ph from #8866 which i deletted. Then after few days another one from them to tell me i have incured charges of $50 up. I have no idea what that was for and there was no way to find who they were. Finally i found that their site kept popping up and my little 10 yr old clicked to get rid of it which then gave her some pin and asked for a cell no. This is rediculous. Get this site out as soon as possible. They are making people pay for nothing especially little kids who have no money.

flayem said...

Well I got a $125 refund. I rang mobile messenger helpline (sydney telephone book) and got through to someone who deals with accounts/complaints. I told him what happened and he straight away offered $100 refund and I said no I want the lot, and he said $100 was all he was authorised to give me. So I said, "i'll tell you how this is going to go. I will take out a summons in the Perth small claims court, and then you will have the cost of your legal representation, the cost of my summons, my costs... plus you will still have to refund the entire amount you charged me. So you work it out." He said wait a minute while I speak to my supervisor. He then came back and said we will refund the entire amount. The cheque arrived today. Actually it sounds like they don't want a test case against their charges... they may suspect that they could lose. Actually, i'm a bit dissapointed they paid up straight away, i wanted to see where it would go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know. I got their adverts in my yahoo email (I use Google Firefox).

iceman678 said...

Hi all,

I am from Canada and am having a similar problem with Tatto Media, the company responsible for all these text messages worldwide. They operate through websites like and put unconscionable charges on hapless people's accounts. Most people do not know how to fight them. They have sent me over 75 messages in the last 2 months. These messages come in quick succession and at any time. I received some of them very late at night. I plan to take this all the way to the courts if I have to. I have no experience with the court system, but I have had it with this group of companies taking advantage of the public and our lax laws on new technology.

I have made a complaint to the CRTC and am waiting for their response. Please keep monitoring this since I most likely be contacting a class action law firm in Canada and launching a case on behalf of all Canadians affected by this.


Anonymous said...

My Luv Crush is operated through Mobile Messenger ... you should ring them in Australia 1300766915 complain and ask for a refund.

I did that and they refunded me my money (only $33, but still) as a 'goodwill gesture' LOL! - for some reason the cheque is going to take 3 to 4 weeks which im suspicious about. We will see. I also rang my phone provider Optus and put a block on their number 19719760 from billing me any further. I *think* if i don't get any satisfaction from these guys it may be possible to get the money from optus. Theys eemed pretty familiar with what is going on. .. and told me to ring back if i had problems getting a refund. i read earlier here, I think, that someone got a refund directly from their provider.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourselves.

As an sms marketer, I make a great living, drive exotic cars and own multiple properties in Australia and abroad.

We are marketers.

*You* failed to read the fine print.

Sure, we're slandered, disliked and hated due to our creative campaigns, but did you really think a website would calculate your perfect lover?


On a brighter note, my new Lamborghini Gallardo is beautiful, thank you :)

Anonymous said...


I called the number 1300766915, I get back only 45%

I notice i got such Psms, and i tot it just some scam. I had no idea who did this to my phone.

Do anyone know thats where should I go sure send them summons?


Anonymous said...


PLEASE go to and make a complaint.

They followed up on my complaint (they called me) and they need more complaints. They are making a case against this idiot , so please give them your real info and phone number and email. They will contact you.

Anonymous said...

I found 6 of those premium SMS items on my Optus bill today [this one was PredictYourLover2]. I had not clicked on the stupid Facebook application, nor had I been foolish enough to respond to any unsolicited text ... and to cap it all, I hadn't received ANY of the messages! I called Optus at once, and of course all they could do was get it stopped. They did give me a phone number and told me it was Mobile Messenger who was running the scam. I called the number myself, and it was a fully automated "unsubscribe" service ... texts came saying I was unsubscribed.

Not satisfied, I chased them up on the web and found a better number to call - 1300 766 915. This got me to a real person [after a long wait on hold]. She said ok, that I had not ever subscribed, that it was an application error over Christmas, when their database grabbed the wrong set of customers from the telcos [do you believe that? I find it most unlikely - would mean Optus allowed these people to access their database and retrieve a bunch of numbers].

She promised me a full refund by cheque, got my mailing details and said the cheque would come in 2-4 weeks, that was the best they could do.

She also promised to put my number on a blacklist for ALL those premium numbers - said Mobile Messenger is the gateway for all of them. Hope she does ... but meanwhile, a warning to all Facebook and Myspace users: don't click on those horrible ads that try to tell you one of your friends has a crush on you - if you allow that app, it accesses your details and I suspect that's how they get a lot of the mobile phone numbers. Even better - don't put your mobile on a social networking site at all! It sounds safer than your landline, but it leaves you vulnerable to scams.

Anonymous said...

hmm scum is the word.

I'm not sure but I am on this "love Calculator" with a number 19700057 on my Australian optus bill.

I never sent anything from my phone for this bullshit.

My Niece may have sent one sms don't know, but only once.

I have now seen for the last 3 months 50 dollars being paid.

I never check the bill.

Optus will pay those costs back to me, or a large client will leave them.

This is just bullshit I never gave authorisation for this crap and Optus are complicit in allowing this shit.

This is Fraud which is illegal and the appropriate authories should take immediate action.

To be honest the money is not the issue its the fact that the person responsible should be lock up.


Fidarsi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mobile Messenger said...

We at Mobile Messenger would like to assist you with your concern or complaint. If you need assistance in regards to being unsubscribed or other related issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please call 1-800-416-6129 Monday to Friday 0600 – 1800 US Pacific Time or email

Mobile Messenger

Anonymous said...

Can't you subscribe his mobile no. and email address - I seem to remember them cropping up in a whois .


We at Mobile Messenger would like to assist you with your concern or complaint. If you need assistance in regards to being unsubscribed or other related issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please call 1-866-390-6184 Monday to Friday 0600 – 1800 US Pacific Time or email


Jay said...

In the BRW Young Rich list 2009 Eugeni Tsvetnenko was ranked number one in the list of nine West Australians on the list. His personal wealth is $107 million

Anonymous said...

Looking for a photo of Eugeni Tsvetnenko:

Anonymous said...

Reality is he is rich and wealthy, and if you were dumb enough to fill it in, well that's your fault.