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Hijack Alert: Commonwealth Bank Group offers 11% p.a. on Term Deposits for Current Customers!

Here's a twist: a "Web Attacker" browser hijack which targets customers of a specific bank. After all, why phish when you can just install a keylogger? Or better yet, install an agent which performs additional transactions while the user is online. Whatever the case, this particular hijack uses a more up-to-date version of Web Attacker than I've seen before (ie0609.cgi). The text of the email lure follows; investigate the links at your own risk. Note that there are two similar domain names in use here (.org and .com).

It seems Commonwealth Bank is doing really well this year, and here we go: 
the highest deposit rate ever seen in Australia. Just quoting the news I 
found at Wealth Creator Magazine.s website:  
If you want competitive returns and you don.t need instant access to your 
cash, you can get a competitive 8.95% p.a. on Term Deposits 
at the Commonwealth Bank for amounts from $3,000 for 12 months, and 10.95% 
for amounts of $5,000 and over.   

We are proud to have you as a member of our bank and would love to offer this 
time-limited Commonwealth Bank.s anniversary rate!
Isn.t amazing? But they limit the offer to the current customers, that's the 
one sad point. If you are one of them I feel jealous for you.  
Again all the details are on the magazine.s portal, the direct link 
to this news:

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