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This blog is not frequently updated because most case-by-case scam reports are now listed in subordinate blogs. At this point in time, most of my efforts are targeted at documenting employment scams in the Suckers Wanted blog.


Info: Israeli Brokerage Services shift tactics AGAIN

You just can't keep a determined spammer down, can you? In their on-going efforts to steal your money, the Israeli Brokerage scammers have not only started using yet another domain name, but they've given up their cherished tactic of putting all their text in graphic images. Well, I don't expect that they've given up on graphics, strictly speaking, but they've diversified into plain text. Anyhow, here's the text (including the new Hong Kong based web address), since it's a simple copy and paste job.

Hello! I am Tal Alkobi, manager of a Human Recourses department and I work in Israeli Brokerage services Ltd This letter is aimed at attracting Your attention to a vacant post of financial manager for cooperation with private individuals. But first I would like to tell You about the company. Israeli Brokerage services Ltd was established in 1994 to render assistance to our clients in selling, buying, privatization, arranging deals and brokering at stock exchange. We can put into practice any operation that our client wishes. To reach it, we possess a large choice of investment instruments. Owing to the high professional standard of our specialist, we attract a lot of clients so our company is the leading company of this kind in Europe. And we continue to grow! And now we want to offer You the next: - to join our work collective - to become one of high qualified specialists - to get a prestigious part time job - to raise more IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR YOU TO HAVE ANY HIGHER OR PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION to get this job. The only requests are: - You must have several free hours a day - have a bank account or a possibility to open a new one - have a computer YOUR MAIN TASK CONSIST IN ensuring us the possibility to provide the best service for our clients in short terms. YOUR DUTIES will be the next: - to receive payments for the ordered securities from our clients to Your bank account - to withdraw the funds and to transfer it further to our brokers in other countries You should use Western Union or money Gram services for these transfers. Your PAY amounts 9% commission out of every deposit that You receive on Your bank account. If you are interested, please visit our site: We are waiting for You! I beg Your pardon if You received this letter by mistake. In that case I ask You to be so gentle to delete it. Yours faithfully Tal Alkobi


Candace said...

I received the same email message this morning, and was surprised to see it in text form instead of as an image. Looks like the scammers have moved onto another registrar to create domain names. I attempted to search for this new Hong Kong domain registrar, but came up with no information at all. And, although I both emailed and called the registrar, on Monday about the other 5 active domains registered to these criminals, the domains have not been suspended.

Spotter said...

The administrator for .HK domains is HKDNR. This domain was registered on 2006-10-17; the registrant used the name "Colin Collins".

Candace said...

Just received another text only email from these fools: registered on October 7, 2006 for 1 year, by

I checked the Hong Kong registrar and it appears that at least one other of these idiotic names was registered. I will have to look further. However, I read the registrar's rules, and it appears that any business that is related to banking or insurance must provide additional documentation. "Brokerage services" are related to banking, since money is involved, so I think that these clowns might get shut down very quickly. I'm trying to find all of the different name variations so I can send one email message.

What these fools don't realize is that by sending the same idiotic email message to the same email list is just harassing. I would seem to think that anyone with any active brain cells would not be applying for a money laundering job at Israeli Brokerage Services or Bronsard Advantage.

I just wish that the registrars would be more diligent and act faster when complaints are issued.

Candace said...

Although it took 4 days to react to my email message to, it finally took down the 5 domains. But, I think I got an email message yesterday from these scammers with another domain that ended in .biz through There could be a whole slew of them, so I am going to have to check. I am going to have to play whack-a-mole again.

I did write to the Hong Kong registrar about 3 domains that I found. Hopefully, the Hong Kong registrar will react faster.

On a positive note, I think I have all of the names the scammers use - they don't seem to be that original.