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Job Scam: New money mule variant?

Here's a scam I haven't noticed before. Some dodgy West African wants to send you credit card details (stolen, of course) so that you can wire back money (ostensibly to a travel agency -- but we know it's just the scammer himself) via Western Union. Personally, if I were running a Western Union agency, I wouldn't accept payment by credit card -- especially not in "card not present" situations. Does this scam have a snowball's chance in Western Sahara of working?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: patrick clerk <>
Date: 8 Sep 2007 01:13

Dear Sir,
I am Patrick Clerks, at the time of the marriage of my son, I would like to reserve 2double rooms  and your restaurant or club bars for the day of September 20th, 2007.
I intend to regulate by remote credit card.
Then I would like to be in contact with the person in charge of the reservation.
the ammount that i can be able to spend is 10.000 euros which is planned for a cocktail and a dinner (of 18h with 23h).

Thus you will understand that I want the best for my only son that why i will try as much as possible to make this reception to have success.
Also I would like to make a reservation for 10 or may be 20 guests who will come to assist to the weeding of my son because those persons are his best friends and i want this day represent the most important moment in his life.That is the reason why i contact you in order to guarantee with you the success of this weeding.
I will ask you to help me sending a group of 4 persons three days before the weeding day as my representants close to you so that they can work with you and inform me in any organisation which will take place there,because this weeding is a challenge for me.
i want also to tell you that those person i will send close to you will help in the choice of the menu and the decoration and something else you will ask them to do before my arrival.
However I will consequently ask you to remove the reservation price and 5000€ by charging my the credit card that i will send you as soon as you give me your oK.
Not that this ammount of 5000€ wiil be used to regulate the plane ticket of those 4persons who will represnt me until my arrival.
Not also that i will need you to send the 5000€ to a member of NAKATA TRAVEL AGENCY which is located in Ivory Coast by western union because i used most of the time to take my travel ticket and i have a reduction there in each ticket.
I am currently in Morrocco for a congress and I benefitted from the occasion to take my son and his future wife with me for the choice of the weeding clothes they will need at the time of the ceremony that why i am not capable to make any transfer because the law of this country forbid this.
Thus I am waiting for your soonest response in  order to communicate to you my credit card number+ the scratch date for the payment.
MoreoverI ask you the disponibilty to help me resloving this matter.
Not that NAKATA TRAVEL AGENCY have problems with their machine so they cannot charge my credit card by themselve.
For your will to help me i will reward you with 500€ .
Respectifully yours.
Mr.Patrick Clerk

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