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This blog is not frequently updated because most case-by-case scam reports are now listed in subordinate blogs. At this point in time, most of my efforts are targeted at documenting employment scams in the Suckers Wanted blog.


Job Scam:

I was a bit slow off the mark in reporting this scam, and the scammer's domain seems to have been nuked already. Whatever the case, I'll list it here for posterity.

Work in the big foreign company

Hello! I am Steve Casey, general manager of the international company Le-Trans, and I have a wonderful offer for you.

We render services to companies that have international trade. These services consist of the reception of payments from the clients of the various companies when the client and the company are in the different countries. We save money for the companies by eliminating the expensive bank commission for international transactions. Only the small commissions for transactions between two banks inside one country are paid.

To create representatives in each country is rather problematic and, in some cases, unprofitable. Therefore we invite people to the post of the Financial Courier, which will carry out the following functions: receive money in their bank accounts and further transfer it on to our bank account in other regions. This allows us to save the maximum on percentage basis.

This method of transaction allows us to save the maximum on a percentage basis. It is necessary for you to have an account on which you will receive remittances. Your account should be activated for inter-bank transactions. If you do not have an account, it is necessary for you to open it.

Today we invite you to work with us as a "Financial Courier". The functions of the financial courier is the reception of money clients of our company - and then transferring that money to our representatives.

We pay high percent from each operation - 5%.

To work with us you should meet the following requirements:
Be over the age of 21 and with full capacity to carry out financial operations
Capacity to make a bank withdrawals and transactions
Be very efficient
High accuracy when making calculations
Have a bank account in a bank of USA (Bank of America, Wells Fargo).

It is a fantastic opportunity to earn a great income!
Start to work right now! To start with us you need only to fill out the labour agreement.

Get more details here:

Thanks for attention.

Yours faithfully,

Steve Casey,

General Manager of Le-Trans

Update at 2006-02-11 19:10. I've received a second copy of this scam, and it seems that the scammer's domains are back online. "Financial Courier" means money laundering, folks!


Anonymous said...

Glad I checked around, always check these ou thanks fo rth etiop just got this today

Anonymous said...

Received the same email...

from:arther heckie <>

subject:Job offer for

On the net, another person is listed as the General Manager...

Work in the big foreign company

Hello! I am Peter Winder, a general manager of international company "Le-Trans"
and I have a favorable offer for you.

Jaguwar said...

The big tip-off are the following lines near the end:
"To work with us you should meet the following requirements:[...]Have a bank account in a bank of USA (Bank of America, Wells Fargo). "

See, that spells Trouble. It almost looks like a new version of the 419 (Nigeria) scam. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I received the same one from

Steve Casey

Anonymous said...

If they ask if you have a bank account, that's the tip that they want to raid your account. It makes me want to open a separate bank account, with no ties to my any of my accounts, with only $0.01 value and see if they'll steal a penny off of me. If anything, you can help the police or Interpol catch these Internt theives if you do this.

Spotter said...

They won't steal money from you, as such. What they will do is steal money from other people, then transfer it into your account. When you see the money come in, you think these people are honest. They invite you to keep 5% (or similar) and ask that you transfer the rest to them via Western Union. Unfortunately, this process is "money laundering", and the police will come and start asking you awkward questions when all the stolen money is traced to your bank account.

Anonymous said...

what they also do ... send you a 'official' check and then have you deposit. then tell you to take your "commission" and send the balance somewhere else. 1-2 weeks later your bank notifies you that the official check was no good and you are stuck with the total amount to pay back,

Anonymous said...

Only checked my mail today, but alarm bells were ringing when I read the email from Steve Casey. Glad you confirmed my suspicions. This kind of scam needs to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

This rascal is still active as PA representative for Extreme Point Settlements. Your check is in the mail for the sale of your timeshare, just transfer the amount of xxxxx into our bank account for the settlement costs