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Job Scam: Ukrainian Folk Instruments Sales

This is an entirely ordinary payment processing job scam, although the cover story is more laughable than usual. They sell gold and jewel encrusted folk instruments? Quite a yarn. As usual, don't touch this: the "payments" received consist of stolen money which the "employee" will launder. Police frown on this sort of thing, and banks tend to freeze the recipient's account rather promptly.

This spam was received from (in Romania) on Wed, 4 Jan 2006 11:54:31 -0000. Text of the message follows.

Private Enterprises  "UFIS" is looking to hire a part-time(full-time) employee
to fill the position of financial operations  manager (600-5000 AUD per week).

About Us: 
UFIS (Ukrainian Folk Instruments Sales), was founded in March 1990 and
headquartered in Tokmak, is a production company that produces exclusive hand
made folk Ukrainian music instruments made of wood, such as Sopilka, Bandura,
Trembita etc.  
Our company has a great experience in making instruments with gold strings and
or inlaid with diamonds and rubies. 

Job Description:  
We are searching for an employee to join our team as a financial manager.
Obligation of the manager is to work with the payments of our clients in
Australia with daily inspection. It means that you are authorized person to
receive payments from our clients in Australia to your bank account and
transfer them to us in the fastest way. 

- Internet access, personal e-mail, competence to use bank services
(personal bank account). 
- Knowledge of computer tools and the permanent Internet is a must. 
- Autonomy, flexibility, initiative and creativity, good organizational

Why do we need you: 
It takes more then two weeks for Australian bank to transfer money here
because our bank system is not perfect. That is why we are ready to pay you 5%
to receive money the same day. 

If you are interested in this vacancy, send your Resume by email to:

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