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This blog is not frequently updated because most case-by-case scam reports are now listed in subordinate blogs. At this point in time, most of my efforts are targeted at documenting employment scams in the Suckers Wanted blog.



Here's the latest "launder money for criminals pretending to be a legitimate business" job offer I've received. There may be a real "CHUGAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.", but I'll wager long odds that has nothing to do with it.

From: wang <>
Date: 05-Apr-2006 05:12
Subject: From Mr.Wang Yongqiu,(Agent Required.)

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Mr. Wang Yongqiu, represent CHUGAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.LTD in Japan which is a Global pharmaceutical enterprise with an export office in Tokyo. We create a desire for healthy sustainable pharmaceutical products like Guromont Health tonics,Guronsan Health tonics, Chugai Ichoyaku Gastrointestinal medicine, Varsan Insecticidal fumigator, Zenol Anti-inflammatory analgesic poultices, these are non pescription drugs.

We also desire for healthy pescriptuon drugs like Epogin (epoetin beta) Agent f,Neutrogin (lenograstim) Agent, Alfarol (alfacalcidol) Agent for osteoporosis,Sigmart (nicorandil) Antianginal agent, Rythmodan (disopyramide) Antiarrhythmic agent, Ulcerlmin (sucralfate) Agent, Picibanil (OK-432) Anticancer agent,Glyceol (glycerol) Agent,Amoban (zopiclone) Agent,Preran (trandolapril) ACE inhibitor, Taxotere (docetaxel) Agent.

We also are into the production and sale of diagnostic products like DNA Probe Chugai Mycobacterium, Tuberculosis Direct (MTD) Diagnostic kit,DNA Probe Chugai Gonorrhea Diagnostic kit,DNA Probe Chugai Chlamydia Diagnostic kit,DNA Probe Chugai HBV Diagnostic kit,Filstat Gamma-Sm Chugai Diagnostic kit,
Hyaluronic Acid Chugai Diagnostic kit,Pyridinoline 1CTP Chugai Diagnostic kit.

Due to the vast spread of our goods to other countries, we decided to look for someone who can serve as an in-country agent/representative who will be serving as a link between us and our customers within that province. Our main export office is in Tokyo and we are a major source of pharmaceutical products to health service providers for Japan and Korea and other countries around the world. Our customers include multinational institutions, transnational organizations, health organisations, corporate bodies etc.

It is upon this note that we are writing you this mail to seek your assistance in representing our company in your locality as our representative/agent. Note that as an agent/representative of our company, you will be entitled to a basic salary of 36,000USD a year. That is 3,000 dollars monthly and 5% of any amount you receive from customers on behalf of the company as payments for outstanding debts or goods that they are wanting to buy or have already purchased from the company.
As an agent/representative our company, your basic functions are as follows:

1 Maintenance of a sales office. The company will be responsible for the cost
2 Assume responsibility for all sales office
3 Lastly, contacting clients on behalf of the company who are ready to make payments or wanting to pay for products they purchase from the company.

To facilitate the conclusion of this transaction if accepted, do send me by mail promptly with the following:

1. Your Full name and present Occupation
2. Telephone number and Fax
3. Contact address

Thanks in advance,
Mr. Wang Yongqiu,
Managing Director.


elfnday said...

I received an email from these guys yesterday looking for a "payment officer". It immediately looked like a scam, so I replied to their email to get more info about their company. I can't upload the letter they sent me from my phone, but these examples should give you an idea of how big of a scam they are.
Job details:Contact customers,receive payments via check, cash, money order,keep records of transactions, update Chugai regularly on info mentioned above.
Applicant requirements:
Current job (IMPORTANT)
Largest amount of check cashed before (IMPORTANT )
Name of my bank (IMPORTANT)
Home and office address
Home, cell, and office phone, fax number
Current/previous company name
Current/previous job position
Scan or copy I.D. to send to them
This sounds like a big scam to me. Of course, I would NEVER give them my financial info! I just thought I'd find out what they were about. They're all about sending you fake money orders and checks that look real. The bank will cash them cuz the look real but have stolen or already cashed numbers on them. You will send the money to Chugai Pharmaceuticals by Western Union or by another money wiring company, and by the time your financial institution realizes you cashed a fake check/money order, Chugai has their money and you'll end up in jail for cashing fake checks. Please don't fall for this people! My ex-husband got involved in one of these a few years ago. The money was never retrieved from the fraudulent company to recover the negative balance of over $5,000, and we were stuck having to repay the bank for that negative balance. This is a bad idea folks, very bad idea...

Anonymous said...

I, just received a letter from chugai pharmaceuticals with the exact same information as yours. Knew it was spam but couldn't figure out the game. Thank you soo much for your posting, as you will save many individuals great hardship in falling for this scam.....many many thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just recieved an email also!

Anonymous said...

I got the same letter except my salary was to be $8200 per month plus 5% of payment. Tried to verify cashiers check thru proper channels and they said the amount does no match the orginal check. If you look at the top of the check it states that there is micro printing in the border, this cannot be copied, so be sure and check that. The water marks mean nothing, but the micro lettering tells it all.No micro printing means copy of orginal sheck, leave it alone and do not take to the bank and cash it.

Anonymous said...

I received one of these emails today. 5/28/12
About 3 weeks ago I received a letter and I "check" in the mail just out of the blue.
I immiditley looked at the check and right away I knew it was fake. As I work in printing and make checks all day long. The watermark was totally fake and served no purpose. I ran the check through a micr reader and it wasn't ever printed with micr ink so it could not be read by a bank nor cashed. Completely Rediculous and a scam.

Anonymous said...

I checked my emails tonight this is what arrived........11/06/12

Chugai Inc / Medical Product

8:31 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Kind Attention: Hazel;

Please read this message Carefully;

We received your message and let me formerly introduce you to Chugai Inc. We are located in the capital city of Japan (Tokyo) We are a proud firm that has achieved so much in the Hospital equipments and health equipments.

I on behalf of Chugai Inc wish to inform you that we have received your email. I want you to know that your interest in our proposal is highly appreciated but before we begin with you as our Payment Officer, we need you to note the following.

With our international customers expanding, we have mandated ourselves to search for payment officers who will clear the funds that will be paid to our representatives like you are.

The position for Chugai Inc Rep./Payment Officer is based on managerial abilities and responsibility.

The Requirements for Chugai Agent are as Follows;

1. Contact our customers for Proper Guild on How to send Payments to you (via e-mail or telephone).

2. Receive payment from them on behalf of the company. Payment may be through wire transfers, Bank Drafts, Certified Cheques or cash or any other form accepted in your country, and as our customer may deem comfortable for them. We cover all fees for transfer of our funds to us. Proper Instructions will be sent to you as soon as you receive Payment from our client.

3. Keep records of all transactions done with you and submit them to us bi-annually.

4. Update us regularly on conversations with our Client.

We want you to note that you are not required to make sales or handle any transaction in the company's name unless you have been properly authorized to do so.

We employed private investigators to verify our clients/customers businesses and make sure that the source of funds which they intend to use for business with us is genuine and safe as we do not want to tarnish the name of our company or cause our international staff any embarrassment with our transactions.

Be rest assured that You are entitled to 10% of the funds from our client. Also entitled to Basic annual Salary of 98,400 USD a year with basic salary of 8,200 USD PER Month.

Complete Information;

Largest amount of Check Cashed before(Important):

Home Complete Address:

Complete Office Address:

Home Phone:

Cell Phone (Important):

Fax Number: (If applicable):

Current / Previous Job Position in Company:

The following form above will enable us inform our client on how to prepare payments to you. Meanwhile, we want you to understand that,our clients make payments with Certified Bank Cheque (check) or certified Bank draft . Its also important that you inform us your most preferred mode.

Be also informed that we already have clients that will be willing to send payment, so you need to respond with your complete informations as soon as possible and send us a scan copy of your identification (if applicable) to enable us send the informations to our client.

Do have a wonderful day as we await your favorable response.

Our Fax in USA: 636-212-7258

Yours Sincerely,

Prof. Lee Park



Dr. Osamu Nagayama
President, and CEO
Chugai Inc

Tel: +81 50 5806-5365
Fax: +81 6-7635-4720

1-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi 2-chome,
Chuo-ku Tokyo103-8324, Japan

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for your input. I just recevied the same message today. And the funny thing about it was I never applied for this job. So why would Japan be contacting me.

Anonymous said...

I have received the same. they want a cashier's check for $10.00 so they can get the routing # to create an account in my name. I questioned this from day one and was seeing how far they would go. I have not received anu checks and would not have cashed it anyway. Don't fall for this!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I received this email too (i'm French living in France), I answered because I'm speaking Japanese so it could be serious, and they asked me for the bigger amount check I had these last months, very strange…
Thanks for your posts, now I am sure it is a scam!

Anonymous said...

I received the same email from these people. I believe it is a scam. I would not, under ANY circumstances, send them any information whatsoever concerning personal information.

Rodney Clifford said...

I just received the same email. I also get about 5 - 6 others a week from "world bank", "UN fund for Africa", etc. They all come into my gmail email address only, so they must be getting a gmail address list somehow. I automatically delete them. Never Respond!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just received this email and I thought it was a scam so I decided to research it and I am glad I did. This is what I received this is all I received. 10-17-2012.

Chugai, We are a corporation that Manufacture Medical equipments in Tokyo and around the world, We Require your assistance as Payment Rep in your region. Send Informations if Interested; (Name):

(Home Address):


(Current Work):


Respond to:

Reply immediately to this subject.

Chugai Inc (Japan)

Chris Kinnamon said...

I got the same shit from these people! Today! Really, anybody whos stupid enough to believe there employees seeking assistance from the U.S. has got to be so gullable. Especially a email with at the end of the return email and no legit layout in the email showing company advertisement! Reading these other posts is showing me there so fucking stupid by all the different names there going by!

Michael Richardson said...

I just got the same scam today is Nov. 14 2012

Anonymous said...

I got the same one too! Today is 11/15/2012. I have been looking for a job, however I never applied to any, in Japan, or medical, or "payment officer". And it sure dosen't look like a professional reply. Thanks all, for the info.

Anonymous said...

This is huge, people helping others. Receiving the same email yesterday and asking for them to give me a little more information before I sent them any information, they sent me the same long email in response.

So of course I went straight to Google to see what I could find out from ethical people such as yourselves.

Thanks All, another one to delete without any care.


Anonymous said...

I sent them my info, it looked like this...
Name: kiss my ass
Phone: (800) die-slow
Address: 236 phuk yu lane
Occupation: scam thief hunter
I told them to fu## off!!

Anonymous said...

These people are ridiculous. They are posting local administrative /secretary jobs on Craig list that look legit. Then you apply for a local office job and you get this crap! I am irritated because 3 jobs i applied for, sent me some stupid crap like this. If you were such a great company, why can't your clients send payment right to you! Why go through a 3rd party and lose a percentage. Doesn't make sense because it bogus. Get real jobs like we are trying to do, you losers. I am done searching Craigslist for any jobs because of people like this.

Anonymous said...

Chugai Inc
9:40 PM (11 hours ago)

to Welcome
Chugai, We are a corporation that Manufacture Medical equipments in Tokyo and around the world, We Require your assistance as Payment Rep in your region. Send Request information below;(Name):

(Home Address):


(Current Work):


Respond to:

We await your Prompt Reply.

Copyright © Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. All rights reserved

Anonymous said...

Same email as just above. Came from

Anonymous said...

Representative Request

Attention: Prospective Rep;

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd was Founded in TOKYO the year 1925 and began the import and sales of medicinal drugs in Asia and arround the World.

We Request your immediate assistance as Payment Representative in your State/Region. You shall be entitled to 10% commission & Salary.

Complete Form to show interest.  


(Home Address):..


(Current Work):..


Respond to:

We are very pleased to start this collaboration.

Dr L Park
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd

Copyright © Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. All rights reserved

This is what I just received

Anonymous said...

I received this e-mail on 2013-04-05.

Clearly a scam, please do not send your information to this e-mail address.

.......Attention: Prospective Rep;

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd was Founded in TOKYO the year 1925 and began the import and sales of medicinal drugs in Asia and arround the World.

Please be our Client Payment receiving Representative in your Region. You shall be entitled to 10% commission and Salary. Send Information below;

(Full Name):..

(Contact Add):..


(Current Work):..



Reply today, to indicate Interest.

Dr L.Park

Anonymous said...

It's truly pathetic that there are people out there in today's world who are providing things like name, etc. Especially, when something is fishy. Additionally, my questioned concern is how did they get the person's name and freakin address to mail a check to? Really people, use your heads for more than a hat rack. Your info can be swiped simply by your name and address...totally remarkable what people will do and then think "Aha!! Yep a scam, the check didn't verify" Well duh, of course it did intel 101 - don't give your name, and especially your address and of course banking long as there are stupid people there will be scam artists.

Anonymous said...

I got one yesterday the min. I told them to get lost I got a email back saying they didn't know me & didn't know how I got there email with a long cussing o f foul words that started with these letters F. B. C. W. Etc. What a scam! & when caught they don't handle that well either. Wouldn't expect no less from them. WORTHLESS...

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely a scam. Chugai is a real company though. They really are a global pharmaceutical company. Not sure what products the Japanese branch works on but most of US branch is in oncology research. I work for a recruitment agency and we've done work with them in the past. They have a branch in the US in NJ so I'm sure somehow the real company will take action against these scammers using their name.

Anonymous said...

They wanted me to invest. i was contacted by a certain Donald Grimsley from UK ( ) . mail as below.


I have great business opportunity that I want to share with you if you accept to be my partner . I really do appreciate the fact that you responded swiftly . I can assure you that this is a great opportunity of a life time which we must not allow to slip off our fingers.Yes Mr.George ,your friend already told me about you and asked me to send full detail about this business partnership. If you can handle this business very well you will earn above $400,000 monthly as income. I would have been appointed to join the team but for health reasons I will no longer make the trip,I have been on daily observation for a chronic ailment and my doctors insist I report every day so I am not permitted to travel for now but never mind I will guide you all the way.

Your timely response will be appreciated.
Donald Grimley