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This blog is not frequently updated because most case-by-case scam reports are now listed in subordinate blogs. At this point in time, most of my efforts are targeted at documenting employment scams in the Suckers Wanted blog.


Job Scam:

More of the usual money laundering jobs on offer. As usual, the problem with this job is that it involves receiving stolen money and forwarding it via an untraceable service. Your "employers" don't confess the bit about the money being stolen, however: it's bad for recruitment. In some cases the incoming money may not exist at all: some banks allow direct transfers which can bounce like a bad cheque later. That's going to hurt. Whatever the case, the simple rule is "don't send money via Western Union (or similar) to anyone you don't know personally".

It's not clear what connection (if any) has with this scam. The "MX" records for that domain have been invalidated, so it shouldn't be possible to reply to the given address at the moment anyhow.

Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 10:21:19 +0200
From: Joseph <>
Subject: stbank AG


Would you like to earn some extra money, working in a legal, 
fast-growing business?

Requirements for the representatives:

1. Honesty 
2. Responsibility 
3. Basic computer knowledge

How much time will it take you? Usually it takes 3-4 hours per week.
How much will you earn? First month we pay 300-400 USD per week.

Our company is engaged in a wide variety of financial services.

PSA works since 2003 and is the constant partner of American 
corporation Andersen Business Services, Inc. and several countries in 
Europe (UK, Spain etc.) and Asia.

We began with offshore registration and opening accounts in the USA, 
UK, ES, TR, the sphere of our services is constantly extending.

Now the basic directions of our work:

1. Registration of offshores and affiliate companies worldwide
2. Drawing up of financial reports, foreign companies auditing
3. Accreditation of representatives

During many years we are trying to help our clients with the 
organization of their business activity and we hope that after studying 
the information at our site you become one of them.

To learn more, please send the following information to our email: 

For immediate and confidential consideration, please e-mail your resume 
to .
Please don't forget to add the following important information about 
you (field marked with
asterix are not obligatory, other fields must be filled):

1. Your full name:
2. Your country:
3. Your full address:
4. Your mobile contact phone:
5. Your fixed/home contact phone:
6. Your work contact phone or fax (*):
7. Your contact email(s):
8. Are you ready to sign a contract with our company? (must be 'Yes'
9. Are you ready to accept money transfers to your bank account or 
credit card ? (must be 'Yes')

If you received this email by mistake and do not want to receive future 
notice from
us please send a message to this address:
Pleaser report abuse to this address:

In case your question is not answered in the FAQ section (below), 
please contact our support department at:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What do you need me for? 
A: We are glad to inform you that our way of making the transactions 
using fast money transaction systems like Western Union or Money Gram 
helps us to avoid any taxation of our funds managers. Simply saying, all 
the taxes to your local authorities have been already paid before the 
funds are available on your bank account. Also you do not need to mark 
those profits in your tax bills. However, if you prefer to pay taxes by 
yourself, you can do it (ask our support for additional information). 
But please notice that payments marked as 'commercial' are smaller and 
they take more time and effort to be processed. That's why we always 
recommend to announce these transfers as personal, like to your friend or 
family member.

Q2: Why is it recommended to announce these payments as 'personal'?

A: If you prefer to pay the taxes by yourself, you can do it (ask our 
support for additional information). But please notice that payments 
marked as 'commercial' are smaller and they take more time and efforts to 
be processed. That's why we always recommend to announce these 
transfers as personal, like to your friend or family member.

Q3: Why do you need me? Why don't you perform the transfers by yourself 
and keep the commission?

Generally speaking about the job, we have established this scheme of 
payments because it is faster than direct bank wires. Our client will 
make a payment to your bank account. You will have to visit your bank and 
to cash out that money. After that, within 12 hours you will have to go 
to a Western Union or a Money Gram office and to give them the money in 
cash for making the fast money transaction. We will give you the 
receiver's information for every transaction.
Don't you think that taking money from your own bank account in cash or 
using Western Union transaction are illegal things?
Such transaction scheme helps us to make payments go faster and both 
you and we can make money faster too.
If we tried to perform it by ourselves, imagine how expensive it would 
be - hundreds of offices (tables, chairs, computers, phones, fax 
machines and other stuff). Our scheme helps us to minimize the costs and it 
allows us to pay high commission to our managers.

Q4: How many transfers a day/week/month shall I process?

A: It depends on the quantity of the orders. It may be from one 
transfer a week to several transfers a day. We shall notify you about the 
number of the transfers beforehand, as well as about the transfers sent to 

Q5: What else can I do for your company?

A: Accurate work is enough.

Q6: Can I recommend you to my friends?

A: Yes, of course.

Q7: In what currency should I receive the money? In what currency 
should it be sent? Is it necessary to exchange the currency? 

A: You should send the money in the same currency that you have 
received. You don't need to exchange the currency. 

Q8: Who pays for sending the money? Isn't it too expensive to use 
WesternUnion or MoneyGram? Is it subtracted from my commission?

A: The costs for the money transfers are paid by our company. 
Absolutely nothing is subtracted from your commission; you get exactly the 
agreed sum . 

Q09: I want to get your company's contract with a seal and CEO's 

A: Sure, our support is ready to send it to you after your first 

Q10: Is it legal?

A: Yes, our business is absolutely legal. It is already our second year 
in the market. 

Q11: I don't have higher education in the financial sphere, is it 

 A: No, you needn't have higher education. 

Q12: Do you work only in the USA?

A: No, we also work with Australia, UK, Europe . 

Q13: Please give me an example of the job process

1. A Customer from your country finds a Company in London, UK (for 
example) and wants to buy smth.
2. The Company asks us for a manager in your country and we find you.
3. We give the Customer your bank details to send you the payment.
4. The Customer sends the payment to you and notifies us.
5. We inform the Company that the payment is made.
6. The Company gives us the name and surname of its representative who 
must receive the money. For example: Name Surname in London, GB.
7. We send you an email like this: A money transfer has been sent to 
you. Its amount is XXXX USD. You should send it to Name Surname in 
London, UK.
8. You cash out the money and send it to Name Surname in London, UK.
9. You send the transfer receipt to us.
10. We give the receipt to the Company and they receive the money.

Q14: I would like to have more information about your company

A:PSA was founded in September of 2004 by a student of the faculty of 
Economics of Oxford. Though the majority of his friends had rich 
parents, he couldn't boast of it. That's why during his free time he was 
thinking of how to earn money. 
He noticed that many of his friends, when buying expensive clothes or 
equipment, overpaid for them a lot. From the other side, these were 
people who didn't want to walk through the shops, study the prices and 
choose the most profitable offers. The idea became reality, and the student 
opened a small internet-company named PSA as well as today. 
From the moment of the foundation the company has grown considerably, 
the staff increased the list of the offered services and different 
countries became longer. But the primary idea remained the same: to help 
people to get high-quality goods from all over the world for an acceptable 
price and with an excellent service.

Q15: Do you have any certificate or license?
A: Yes, we have all required documents and we are ready to provide it 
to you
when you fill the first form.

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