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This blog is not frequently updated because most case-by-case scam reports are now listed in subordinate blogs. At this point in time, most of my efforts are targeted at documenting employment scams in the Suckers Wanted blog.


Job Scam: XEX ltd

This particular job scam was mailed to an "" address, and made it past all the spam filters (including Gmail's, since it gets forwarded to a Gmail account, ultimately). Other than that, it's nothing particularly noteworthy: just the usual case of a "financial" job which actually involves illegal money laundering for phishing gangs. The "employee" gets to forward money overseas via Western Union until the police show up and ask "what are you doing with all this stolen money?"

I represent a company seeking for part-time
financial contractors. I will describe the offer in a few words below:

Our company XEX ltd is a trading - financial company is
seeking for employees to work with financial correspondence.

- basic knowledge of computer (email),
- free time (approx 1 hour per day),
- good communication skills

No Selling
Work Full Time or Part Time
This is NOT a Distributorship
There is NO 'Kit' to Buy
There are NO Envelopes to Stuff
We DO NOT Charge You a Dime 

To be our representative on the full-time/part-time basisis required:

- bank account to withdraw/receive funds (You can open new account or use your own personal account)

We are an international trading company. Our main office is located in

The policy of our business is similar to a multi-level telemarketing
company, except for our correspondence managers do not sell anything,
they are in charge of delivering the financial communication from our
customers to our company main office.

Money turnover of our company already reached the certain heights and
we are in search of regional managers, who are willing to manage our
customers database.

Salary schedule is contract-based, our employee will receive payments
based on their work load. Usually it is about AU $5000 per month, tax
applied. This is a part-time job, our contract worker needs to prove
his ability to manage money transfers in order to qualify for higher
rates and full-time job status.

Our regional employees have good perspectives of increasing their
work-load and salary, depending on their efforts.

We need two representatives, so please respond fast if you would like
to start immediately. In this case, please email for more details. 
We will email or fax you back an application form.

Please reply only to this mail!!. :
Team manager 
Donny Kyle
XEX ltd

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