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This blog is not frequently updated because most case-by-case scam reports are now listed in subordinate blogs. At this point in time, most of my efforts are targeted at documenting employment scams in the Suckers Wanted blog.


Info: Impex Consult and Their Annoying Spam

Hi everyone, and a happy new year to you all. The new year has kicked off with the Impex Consult job scam crowd shifting tactics a little. Whereas I've previously been getting spammed by them (and their predecessor identities) at old addresses, I'm no longer seeing much of that activity. That's not to say that they've slowed down the spam: on the contrary, I've received a lot of Impex spam over the past few days -- around seven a day. It's just that it's now sent to my blog contact address rather than my old spamtrap addresses.

Anyhow, the shift seems to have attracted a lot of new people to my blog to see what the heck all this Impex spam is about, and one of the most frequently asked questions is "can I make it stop?" Well, there are two ways to stop spam: one is to get the senders to stop spamming, and the other is to prevent it from being delivered. In this case, the senders are a pack of evil scamming fiends who regard you in a manner similar to the way a wolf regards a sheep, so asking them to stop is probably not going to work. That leaves us with the "dodge delivery" approach.

The absolute best way to solve your spam problem is to retire your old email address and start with something new and unique. There's effort involved, since you have to inform people about your new address, but you can phase it in slowly. Eventually the new address will be discovered by spammers through various kinds of leakage, and you'll have to go through the same change again. That's the price spammers make us pay, sadly.

It's not all doom and gloom, though. If you're a Gmail user like me, then all your Impex spam is already landing in the "spam" folder. I only know about it because I study my spam folder in my capacity as a deception spotter. If you are a Gmail user and can't stand the Impex junk even in your "spam" folder, then you can create a filter to delete it automatically. Just click on "create a filter", put "Impex Consult" in the field marked "From:", check the box marked "Has attachment", and click on "Next Step". In the next step, check the box marked "delete it", then click on "Create Filter". This will send all incoming Impex spam directly to the deleted items folder -- until such time as they change their name or stop sending the spam as image attachments, at least.


Anonymous said...

I am so irritated with their spam emails. I uploaded my resume online about a month ago and Impex crap started sending me 10-15 so called job offers per day.In the past month I must have received 250-300 emails.

Anonymous said...

sent an email to the Federal Trade commission about these guys i urge anyone reading this to do the same. or report them to some type of law enforcement agency maybe if we keep bugging the law about impex maybe they'll do something

Steve said...

SPAM them back, if everyone who recieves one of these email goes to their site and once a day fills out their forms with made information, names, security questions, address, bank details it's going to give them loads of contact forms to go through and they'll never pick out any genuinly scammed people's forms from all the junk.

Anonymous said...

Heads up.. I'm getting new spams from a Radius investments with a "Tokyo" office. I've just notified the real Radius group in southern California through radiusgroup dot com of what I believe is going on. Very spammish details include a throwaway domain registered just last month, a yahoo email it originated from, image spam concerning the details, and plenty of spamspeak phrases to thrawrt anti-spam filters. I'll keep ya posted. For now, y'all may want to put radius in the From field to filter as it could be Impex having chosen a new identity.
Your ally at the London Antiphishing Society, near Arkansas Nuclear One

Spotter said...

In regards to the Radius Investments impostors, I have already opened a file on them here. I intend to post in this blog about the scam shortly.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I was almost in tears when I was told by my bank yesterday that the money that was deposited my account was fraud. It's now in the hands of the fraud investigators and hope they will catch these people. THey said they are from Zinex Finance in Australia.
Please don't respond to any ads they place, lucky my bank were able to stop the money on time.

best of luck to you all