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News: US County treasurer gets 419ed

Who falls for these outlandish tales of untold wealth endemic to the 419 scene? Sadly, it's sometimes people who are entrusted with the care of other people's money. Sophos is reporting that one Thomas Katona, treasurer of Alcona County, Michigan USA, for thirteen years, invested more than $1.2 million of county funds in Nigerian fraud scams. That's in addition to whatever of his personal wealth he poured down the 419 drain. He had been advised by bank officials that he was investing in fraudulent schemes, but denial is a powerful thing, it seems.

Sickening, isn't it? He's been charged with various counts of forgery and embezzlement, and can expect a sentence of ten years or more. It seems to me that imprisonment is counterproductive, though. There are probably lots of things that he can do to actively pay off his debt. Just make him an indentured servant of the county, pay him minimum wage, and get him to do work valued above that level of pay. The difference can go towards paying off the $1.2M he stole. For one thing, he can visit schools in his county and give the kids a lesson in "don't be an idiot sucker like me". Make some lemonade out of those lemons.

I can dream, can't I?

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