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Pump and Dump: GTVCF

Today's dish is pump and dump stock fraud spam. Received from ( on Fri, 11 Mar 2005 11:36:40 +0000. A brief extract follows.

* Wallstreet Insider Alert Newsletter *

Information you can Trust and Profit from. Our
extensive research shows GTVCF is on the move
with big gains expected on Monday. They will be
having a big promotion promotion going all
weekend for there new press release with
big gains expected monday. So don't miss it
get in as soon as possible to profit.

Company:Globetech Ventures
Industry:Gold/Molybendum Mining
Current Price:$0.32
52Wk High:$1.73
Market Cap:4.34M
Estimated 3months-target :$1.00
Estimated 6months-target: $2.50
Recommendation:STRONG BUY
Analysis:Industry Outperform

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