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Pump and Dump: TSHO

Pump and dump, or just a case of stupid people paying spammers to boost their product? Who cares! It's all the same nuisance, either way. The spamming facility is, in this case, (, and the spam was received on Sun, 05 Jun 2005 13:02:24 +0000. Sorry if the text is too wide, but life is too short to make spam pretty.

Tradeshow Marketing Company (TSHO)
A product development and specialty retail company that is set to operate ONTV Brand stores nationwide.
Current Price: 0.47
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Break News!!

Trade Show Marketing Company Ltd. (TSHO) announced the appointment of Mr. Norm F riend as Head of International Franchise Development for the company.

About Norm F riend
Norm F riend is widely recognized as an expert in expansion strategies, franchise development and franchisee recruitment with over 20 years experience in all aspects of franchising.
F riend is co-author of the two best-selling franchise books -- ""The Complete Canadian Franchise Guide"" (hard cover), and ""So You Want to B u y a Franchise"". He also wrote the original
text for the Canadian Franchise Association"'s publication ""Investigate Before You Invest"".
He has contributed numerous articles on franchising and business to various publications, been interviewed extensively by the media and presented numerous
seminars and keynote talks to business organizations, universities, colleges, professional associations and financial institutions throughout North America.
Tradeshow Marketing Co. (TSHO), a product development and specialty retail company, announced that it has retained Excel Relations Investor Relations to lead a strategic
investor relations and public relations program. As investor relations counsel for The Tradeshow Marketing Company, Excel will use its multi-phased
method to raise investor, media and industry awareness, positioning the company for suitable financing to accommodate their growth plans. The investor relations
program will build and inform the shareholder base by generating awareness in the investment community of the Company"'s goals and growth strategy. Excel will
deploy its proven blend of print and electronic media exposure as well as direct communication with the media, retail and institutional community.
""We are pleased to have Excel Relations working with us to increasee the interest from the investment community,"" said Peggie-Ann Kirk, TSHO"'s Chief
Financial Officer. ""Initiating our nationwide expansion program and seeing the potential the Company has in both the short and long term future, we were seeking to
partner with a highly experienced and respected IR firm to introduce our story to the investment community and help us improve our visibility. Excel is a firm with
great experience, a solid reputation and an aggressive, results oriented approach that should benefit our investors through increased shareholder value.""

About Trade Show Marketing Company Ltd.

Trade Show Marketing is a direct sales oriented company focused on the development and distribution of a wide range of products for the home and office environments.
The Company will soon be ramping up a multi-pronged sales approach for introducing and distributing consumer goods in North America and beyond.
The Company will be orchestrating five complementary sales channels (retail, television, trade show demonstration sales, print catalogue and an E-Commerce online catalogue) to achieve its goals.
Trade Show"'s founders have twenty years of experience in direct sales in both the storefront retail and trade show demonstration sales environments. Via trade show demonstration sales, the company
has introduced a wide range of new products direct to consumers through select fairs, tradeshows and exhibitions
throughout Canada and the United States. Products are selected which are innovative, well priced, and have universal appeal.
Tradeshow Marketing is planning to operate ONTV style stores nationwide. Typically located in high-traffic regional shopping malls,
the stores will feature a unique mix of both new and proven consumer products and popular ONTV items. They will be launching their e-commerce web site in mid 2005.


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