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Hijack Alert: National Bank Closing and Blocking Accounts without a notice!

Much like the previous hijack alert I mentioned (also covered as a news story in The Register now), this particular spam tempts people into viewing a webpage based on alarmist (and false) news about the National Australia Bank closing and blocking accounts. The link itself goes to a site running software called "Web-Attacker", which attempts to hijack your computer. Presumably it attempts to install keystroke-logging software to pick up login details of those who later attempt to check their National Australia Bank account online.

If you were tricked into viewing such a page (and you use Microsoft Windows), you had better assume your computer is infected with spyware, and avoid doing any online banking with it until you've had it checked out and cleaned up.

The domain "" (used in this attack) was registered a few days ago on 16-Jun-2006.

From: Herman Day 
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 01:11:20 +1000 
Subject: National Bank Closing and Blocking Accounts without a notice! 
Recently many accounts have been reported closed without even a notice from 
the bank officials! Mostly it’s business accounts but regular checkings are 
also in trouble.  
Latest Bank’s Report showed much lower profit than expected and their stocks 
hit lows for the last 5 years! But can it be really a reason for breaking 
relations with entrepreneurs?  
The list of customers affected and their stories could be found here:

Also there is a report form to fill if you have the same issue.  
Well, my account is fine and customer service representative refused to comment 
on these stories. Hope your savings are also safe...

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