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This blog is not frequently updated because most case-by-case scam reports are now listed in subordinate blogs. At this point in time, most of my efforts are targeted at documenting employment scams in the Suckers Wanted blog.


Job Scam: "Mercury Industries" also at

The job scammers calling themselves "Mercury Industries" have started using the domain name "" in addition to the "" we've already seen. I sent them a request for additional information, and someone using the name "Mike White" and address "" responded to it. The "additional information" they sent contained no additional information -- the job description is still terribly vague, including the nebulous catch-all phrase "will have to process sales and follow our instructions" which reeks of money laundering.

Even though the text isn't very informative, I'll post it below for the benefit of the search engines.


Thank you for your interest in working for our great company. To better
understand the model of our business and what we do please visit

My name is Mike White, I am responsible for business development in
Australia.  Let me explain you briefly about what our company does and
your responsibilities:

Mercury Industries Inc. was launched in early 2000, and continues to
establish itself as one of the leading US Internet supplier to digital
equipment market. The large range of electronic goods on offer our 
is growing to become one of the leading international players in 
equipment market. The large range of electronics products already on
offer, have been complimented by the many other new products that have
been added since that time. We are looking for employees who would 
customer support and work as sales support specialist from the comfort 
their own home. We need at least 10 business hours per week from you, 
you want to work with us. Successful sales support specialist will be
offered salesman position.  For more information, please visit our

  Now more about your responsibilities:
  Persons who will be accepted for this job:
   1. Will have to answer customers questions and requests via e-mail 
phone (verbal skills a plus). Training will be given.
   2. Will have to keep in touch with a manager and be able to answer
calls and e-mail communications from the manager promptly.
   3. Will have to process sales and follow our instructions

You will be hired based on how well you will follow management 
and answer inquiries from our customers.

After you will pass training we will let you sell our electronic goods 
your own. We will provide more information after you will pass training 
you will be interested in this position. However, if you would like to
provide just customer support that is fine.

After approval of your application a short phone interview will be
conducted if needed. You will receive wages of AUD $ 20 per hour plus a
commission of  % 8 (after paid training) from every sale that you will
service, after you will complete the training the contract will be 
between you and our company.

   You will not have to spend any of your money at any time. We 
the loyalty and trust from our employees. Please be advised that we
will not deduct any taxes from your commission, it will be your
responsibility to report your earnings to the government at the end of
the year.
   This opportunity is great for anyone who is looking for an extra 
   Our employees usually make anywhere from AUD $400 to $800 a week!

   If you are interested or have some more questions please let us know 
we could get started with your application immediately.

Mike White
General Manager


leroy said...

It is a money laundering place, i almost got stuck withit, after 2 days of "training" they deposited over 6 grand in my bank account and expected m,e to transfer the money to other countrys via western union. dont do it!!! poice have been involved already!

Spotter said...

Thanks very much for sharing that, Leroy. My suspicions are confirmed.