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This blog is not frequently updated because most case-by-case scam reports are now listed in subordinate blogs. At this point in time, most of my efforts are targeted at documenting employment scams in the Suckers Wanted blog.


Job Scam: pretending to be "Eurobiz Tour Inc."

This particular spammer doesn't describe the job as "financial manager", and there may be more to it than just plain money laundering. It's hard to tell when the job description is so vague. I think that the gist of it is that a bunch of crooks need a willing sucker to do stuff on their behalf to make the crooks themselves harder to trace.

Subject: Have 2-3 hours a day
Date: Wen, 7 Jun 2006 20:28:31 +0800

Hello [name]

International company "Eurobiz Tour Inc." is well known all over the world in international tours business.
We are searching for people,who want to work in our company and reach success fast, using modern life type.
Our company wants to become First place in touristic business, i hope you too.
This letter is to inform you about our TODAY BEST WORK PROPOSITION in this field of market.

You can become our manager and promote our company in your area.
The salary is 1000 EUR-3000 EUR per week, your duties are to execute tasks from Sirenis Inc. head office.Poland ,Spain, Slovakia, Germany, France business map.
Candidates: 21-60 years old, internet access every day, mobile phone, to be anxious for success.

No matter you country and city, send us your mail and get a reply next day!
Please send your CV, profiles according this e-mail:

Lyle Wesley
Wen, 7 Jun 2006 20:28:31 +0800

If I can obtain further information, I'll post it here.

Update on 2006-06-13. They responded as follows to my email request for further information. The description makes it fairly clear that money laundering is involved.

  Eurobiztour Inc. has a team of more than 1500 professionals, who work hard to provide a high quality service for our guests.
Thanks to our human resources, Sirenis Hotels is an expanding company with a strong position amongst the most important hotel
chains in Spain.
» Every day, we make an effort to give our best
The high scores obtained from the hotel satisfaction questionnaires outline the path we need to take in order to offer a high
quality, distinctive service to our guests.
» New ways of improving our service
We are currently changing our way of working, by implementing a new system based on the ICHE plan (Institute for Quality in
Spanish Hotels). Our first hotel to be given the distinctive "Q" rating denoting a quality establishment was the Sirenis
Seaview Country Club, and we now have a further two Q-rated hotels the Sirenis Hotel Club Aura and the Sirenis Hotel Club
Tres Carabelas.
» We are continually renovating our hotels
For many years, we have been making great economic efforts to renovate our establishments. This ongoing renovation make us
more competitive and in a position to offer improved employment positions.
» Sirenis Hotels and its commitment to the environment
MMinimising the impact on the environment and encouraging an economic use of water and energy resources are essential in
order to preserve the environment. Therefore, we must "use, re-use and preserve".
The Sirenis Hotels job vacancies option on the Internet is the most reliable, effective and speedy way of accessing job
opportunities offered by Sirenis Hotels, both in Spain and other countries.
» Applications
The system has been devised to allow candidates to fill in their details on the Sirenis Hotels Job applications option, thus
guaranteeing receipt of their CV.
At this moment, it is necessary for us to increase our potential for our further development, and we declared a competitive
set for the post of the order processing manager. The manager performs the job connected with processing payments from our
Customers; it is unimportant what you were engaged in earlier, probably you were the driver, the teacher, studied (or
studying) at university, the artificer or the accountant. You even can combine your present work with manager work at our
company. The most important for us how far you are ready to devote yourself to our business!
Simply we need new staff in Poland, France, Slovakia, Italy, dont miss this chance.
Necessary conditions for starting work as manager in our company are the following:
Age:  21-60 years
Internet access
Mobile phone (and also home phone)
Two hours of time for the action coordination with our coordinator
Personal bank account available to recieve  payments   from our Customers.
Your official duties will include the following:
Every morning you should check your e-mail and answer our letters.
After receiving the information about payment transmission to your account you will control your account, after receipt of
the indicated sum you will process the transfer, and then wait for the following one.
 In the first months you will receive 2-3 transfers per week.
We pay  you 8 % from each order processed by you. If you account recieved the transfer on 7000 EUR your salary this day will
come to 560 EUR; for payment completion it is necessary to spend about two hours for you. After that you continue to check
your e-mail , and coordinate actions with our coordinator.
Month salary: 6000 EUR- 10000 EUR.
Employment assistance is on  contract basis, before starting we will send the copy of Contract for your  sign. After work
starting, you will be informed about the transfer.
All assigned documents is necessary to send within three days as the amount of the interested persons is large, but  amount
of working places is nine.
If you want to show yourself, you can send your CV with next: additional information about yourself, such as education,
experience, certain skills, we shall study them and, probably, you will become our full employed person.
Fill this info in email text, and add signed document, and you get chance to make good money on line business.
Dear candidate, fill this info in e mail text, your CV has no full information
First name: 
Last name:
Country :
Postal zipcode:
Land Phone :
cell phone :

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