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Advance Fee Fraud: Ching Jin Yuen

This 419 is the standard plea for help in the transfer of funds, but with an Indonesian slant instead of an African one. As is also popular, it makes reference to real-world events, without being verifiably attached to those events in any way, shape, or form. It was sent to the contact address for this blog from ( on Fri, 05 Aug 2005 11:05:22 -0000.

Dear friend,

My name is Mr. Ching Jin Yuen, and my home address is PONDOK JATI CR-1, 
SIDOARJO-61251, EAST JAVA, INDONESIA. I am writing to you to help me on both 
humanitarian and mutually benefiting interest grounds. I am relying on your 
help; in return, I will compensate you most generously. My story is not 
quite unique or new, but I believe this approach will bring a solution to my 
family ordeal. Please forgive me for invading your privacy. I specifically 
chose free, opensocieties, which we can only dream of. Because I believe you 
are a busy person, please let me briefly outline my agenda, and then, I will 
proceed to give you details. I am an orthodox Christian and a minority 
ethnic Chinese of Indonesia, and though we as a people have suffered 
Official and private persecution for years, but recently the economic 
downturn of Indonesia has been blamed on us and we have become the 
scapegoats please check the following Websites on Attrocities in Indonesia:

You will find countless articles on the subject, and it is sobering to say 
the last in the light of the foregoing, I took precautionary steps years ago 
and established a numbered Account in United Kingdom, Funds on current 
Deposit 9,375,406.98GBP. As it turned out, it was my wisest and best 
decision yet, and the future of my family is now centered on this money. 
How? Since the Riots broke out, the ethnic Chinese, particularly the rich 
and middle class have been restricted from emigrating to other countries 
with their wealth. The Secret Police trail and watch yourevery move; even as 
I write to you, my telephone is bugged and my family and I are virtually on 
house arrest. A Visa application by the unwary is an invitation for trouble 
and the Secret Police will instantly be at your door and your bank Account 
frozen these are the sordid details and our dear President Susilo Bambang 
Yudhoyonodoes not want the world to know about! On a practical side, I have 
tried both openly and also clandestinely to obtain visas for myself and my 
family at the American Embassy, Address: JI. Merdeka Selatan 4-5, Jakarta 
10110, Indonesia, Phone (62-21) 3435-9000; Fax: (62-21) 385-7189, and my 
efforts proved fruitless; even an application on humanitarian grounds to the 
American Ambassador, Mr. B. Lynn Pascoe, was turned down for "want of
merit", an official language meaning that a grant of visa will be against 
the interest of the State of Indonesia! In summary therefore, I am planning 
to emigrate to America or Canada or any other Western Country, and I need 
your help. I cannot do it from Indonesia.

As a wealthy man I have some means and help, but because of the prying eyes 
of the Secret Police, I am greatly handicapped. I have made a lot of 
research and I have a plan that will work, with your cooperation will 
require your help to retain immigration Attorney who will prepare the basic 
paperwork for me; I will thereafter arrange with a contact Mr. Chin Chun 
Chang who resides in Malaysia and works as a Clerk Assistant and he will 
help me in processing visas and passports for me and my family from 
Malaysia. This contact will, at the appropriate time arrange passage for me 
and m y family to your residing country. Once in your country of residence, 
I will be free toinvest my money in any profitable business in your country.

Meanwhile, I have given the bank in UK currently with my funds instructions 
to follow my NEXT OF KIN in order to avoid anyone or the Secret Police 
forcing me under coercion to wire the funds back to Indonesia or anywhere; 
it is my greatest security. If you are willing to assist me you will please 
do the following for me: -

(1) You will have to contact the bank in UK with my instructions to make all 
necessary arrangement/transactions with them in order to effect my entire 
funds 9,375,406.98GBP into your specified bank account as my NEXT OF KIN.

(2) Upon receiving the money of 9,375,406.98GBP into your account, you will 
use part of the money to retain an immigration Attorney to advise me 
(though, from my researches, my emigration to Canada/America or any Western 
Countries is assured because of my SUBSTANTIAL UK HOLDINGS.

(3) You will please also arrange air charter transportation for me and my 
family from Malaysia to your country of residence details will follow later. 
If you are willing to help me, please reply ONLY by email, and we will 
establish our game plan.

However, in response to this email please forward to me the below 
information to enable my bank in UK to enable all necessary contact with 

i.Your full names
ii.Contact address (Office/Residence)
iii.Telephone/Fax numbers (Office/Residence)

As soon as I receive the above information from you I shall forward to you 
immediately the complete details of my Bank in UK with my funds to commence 
the processing of transfer to your Bank with my instruction. Because, I made 
it known to my Bank in UK that I will provide my NEXT OF KIN in response of 
my funds transfer.

Thank you for your cooperation. I am looking forward to hearing from you 
soonest. Please, forward your reply to my email address below.

Your friend,

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