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Advance Fee Fraud: One-Legged Omar

It's been rather quiet on the fraud front lately -- from the perspective of my inboxes at least. Maybe I'm just having a lucky break. Anyway, the drought broke today with the arrival of an itty bitty 419. Received from (a webmail system in Italy) which claims that the original message was sent "from (proxying for". Guess which country those addresses are registered to! Did you guess "Nigeria"? Congratulations on getting it right if you did.

Anyway, the person in Nigeria sending through a web-mail service in Italy claims to be "Mr. Omar Salah Hassan", from Baghdad in Iraq, presently residing in London. His letter is fairly short and to the point (and a complete fabrication with intent to defraud), so I'll present it here for your perusal.

Good day to you,

I need a partner(a neutral and foreigner) who will
invest with me. I am Mr. Omar Salah Hassan from the city of
Baghdad in Iraq. I got your contacts through my
personal research and out of desperation. I deal on
crude oil before I lost one of my legs by bomb blast
in Baghdad. I decided to reach you through this
medium. Presently I am residing in London.

I have USD$5.2m for investment purpose. I want you to
receive this fund on my behalf and invest on a
profitable business venture on agreed terms. If you
are interested please get back to me on my privacy email:
( as soon as possible for more details. Include
your private telephone number in your response.

Thank you.
Mr. Omar Salah Hassan.

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