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Fraud: BFF

Well, rather than appeal to greed, you can always try an appeal to pity. Here's one of those not-quite-so-common instances of some random individual pretending to be a charity. Given as how they've included a phone number, they can probably expect a little auditing from the Italian authorities (the country code is for Italy, and the email's point of origin is also in Italy). This one was received from ( on Sat, 30 Apr 2005 12:23:44 -0000, mailed directly to, and thus obviously the result of address-harvesting off this very site.

Dear One,
                 Life they say is a journey but what matters is your ability to, as you pass through, touch lives. Let me draw your attention to how you can reach out and make an impact on souls in a place almost consumed with despair.
                If ever you have had a desire to do good, to change the state of the world, then please read on. The Bright Future Foundation(BFF) Jigawa State, Nigeria, has the aim and objective to change the lives of the children in the remote and undeveloped villages, to provide food, clothing and enlightenment on how they can better themselves.
               I must say that these innocent souls still live in absolute poverty without shelter and enough food to cater for their daily needs. Children summing up to about 40,000 are confirmed by statistics to die everyday. And with the raising dust of diseases within the region, the death rate is not marching up with the birth rate.
              Our organisation, the BFF, have felt the need to ease this economic hardship with focus on the helpless children who can do nothing for themselves. Funds, we admit, are limited; ours is more than a missionary challenge, we feel a deeper need to touch them not just spiritually but in every way we can. To ease our work of providing food to these villages, cars,motorcycles and other forms of mobility are necessary to us. That is why we are looking outward, beyond the Nigerian government and beyond the local churches for the aid we desperately  need.  Among the Hadeija people group here in Jigawa state, our team have to trek hundreds of kilometers to meet up with the hungry children there.
           No doubt more modern facilities need to be provided to upgrade the level of our aid  program. The Bugi, Hadeija and Gumel people of Jigawa State have an acute water problem, and solving it is another one of our main objectives.  Theirs is a sorry case of many problems and hardly any solutions, and when you take a look at at the pictures we have of the children from these areas, you'll understand a lot better.
           When we first came here we wanted to do our own bit for these suffering people, but soon we realised we couldn\'t do it alone. And that is where, dear reader, you come in. For you to have read this far shows you have a deep feeling for this issue, and hopefully, that you are willing to help. Our organisation has a vision of  raising $10,000 to use to procure food items, clothing, health facilities and also means of transportation. Monetary contributions may be made though  western union  money  transfer c/o john,robert. Contact us via this email( and,pohne number,+393205758093  for arrangements on how these funds can reach us, and also for any other information you need about our program.
         We believe you have been blessed in your life, and now you can bless others. Thank you for showing you care,  I promise you won't regret it .Awaiting your prompt reply,
                                                Yours Sincerely,
                                           John,robert,   Head of Rural Affairs, BFF Worldwide

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