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Pump and Dump: CWTD again

Not much variety on the stock fraud front. CWTD was pumped on 2005-03-23 and 2005-04-04, and now again today. The spam was received from (no rDNS, but WHOIS reports delegation to "Telecom Italia France") on Tue, 12 Apr 2005 20:55:38 +0000.


 CWTD  is set to rocket to $ 12  per share. Several news releases coming this week will take CWTD  to the next level......Watch it move this week.  CWTD is set to move much higher this week with significant short term trading profts predicted.......Don&apst miss out on this one this week, April 13- April  20 .


 !!! Ready to Run !!!          [RUNNING NOW !!!]          !!! Big Winner !!!


-CWTD-               -CWTD-     ***        -CWTD-        -CWTD.-



See Company President John Hui interview with CNN ASIA

 ALSO LOOK FOR NEW CNN INTERVIEW re: Tremendous 12 Month Company Growth COMPLETED!!!!  Forward Plan to dominate China&apss Travel Industry.  (A Chinese Expedia.Com?)

  China World Trade outbid CTRP on acquisition of  "NEW GENERATION" Southern China&apss largest travel company.      ALL COMPANY INFORMATION AVAILABLE-               




         CHAIRMAN TSANG, FORMERLY OF GOLD LION                                                HOLDINGS has taken the reins of CWTD and continuing his record for success. CWTD is here to stay.   READ THE NEWS

@  Finance     


CURRENT PRICE       $ 2.83           

 Projection    5 to 7 Days                         $5.50  - $ .50

 Projection   12 to 18 Days                      $ 9.00 - $12.00 

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CWTD NEWS COMING - STOCK is ready to ROCK !!!!
Company has already facilitated the money it need&apss TO CONTINUE IT&apsS RAPID GROW!!!!


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even getting this junk mail in australia

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First Go ( Wei Chi, Baduk) related scam?

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9/4/2007: They have been spamming again now using picture messages to get round the spam filter. I got a message touting the stock at 49 cents on 26th March. Since then the volume has gone crazy from 10000 shares a day to several hundred thousand shares a day, and the share price has collapsed to 34 cents. Not bad for a stock which was once over $8.00 (on 18th Feb 2004). Who believes these emails, and worse who acts on them?

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From SEC Website "Notification of inability to timely file Form 10-K 405, 10-K, 10-KSB 405, 10-KSB, 10-KT, or 10-KT405
Acc-no: 0001264931-07-000149 (34 Act)" 2007-04-02