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Pump and Dump: KSIGE

Nothing new here that I can see. Penny-stocks being hyped in the hopes of big returns, by the look. Standard fare, except for the mention of "a huge fax promotion". Are the spammers also junk-faxing this one? This spam was received from ( on Wed, 27 Apr 2005 16:12:01 +0000. An excerpt follows.

### WallStreet Insiders Edge - KSIGE.OB ###

Are you tired of buying st0cks and not having them
perform? Our staff has been working hard to uncover
the hot ones that "will move"! This is a perfect
opportunity to get in, it is very low and on the
move ready to explode. Check it out and you will
see why... Plus they have a huge fax promotion
launching on friday night so next week can be
in the .40 to .50 range easily....

Company:Ksign International Inc.
Ticker:KSIGE . OB
Industry:Network Security
52Wk High:.21
Estimated 3-5 Day target:.45+

About: KSIGN-Int'l., INC.

As an unchallenged PKI-based solution provider,
KSIGN has played an important and market leading
role in building a reliable and safe e-world. KSIGN
established in 1999, in spite of its short business
history, has grown dramatically and gained a good
reputation as a technology and market leader in Korea.
With the endeavors poured into R&D of PKI solutions,
it has also developed many applications like Extranet
Access Management, Key Roaming System, Secure Web and
Application Transaction System, Crypto toolkit and so
on. From now on, it will continue to be a valued partner
to Korean e-Government, Korean CA's (Certificate
Authorities), financial institutes, educational
organizations and enterprises.

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