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Lottery Scam: Software International Lottery Stake

Another lottery scam, sent directly to the contact address for this blog. Received from ( -- thus establishing a recent pattern of lottery scams originating in the Netherlands via Tiscali's network) on Thu, 19 May 2005 15:30:38 -0000. There's nothing particularly noteworthy about this scam: it looks like the usual combination of advance fee fraud and identity theft.


You are a winner!!. We are delighted to notify you
that you are one of the lucky winners in the
distinctive result of the SOFTWARE LOTTERY PROGRAM
which was held on 19th May 2005. Your e-mail
address was selected by computer generated method and
attached to ticket number: 9874300 with serial
number 00923/78 which drew lucky numbers:
32-68-17-20-43-8-11 and won in the 2nd division. In
this regard, you are to receive a prize sum of
1,200,000.00 Euros (One Million Two Hundred Thousand
Please you are advised to keep your winning
information undisclosed till you make claim of your
prize money.
It is a part of our security caution to avert
impersonation and abuse of this program by
All winners were selected by a computer ballot system
pulled from over 80,000 companies and 40,000,000
individual e-mail addresses world wide. Please be
informed that anyone who has access to your
e-mail password could claim your prize. The security
of your winning information is your own


Your funds is now in custody of a Financial Security
company insured in your file Reference. This lottery
program was promoted by our group of philanthropist
headed by the Netherlands government. We hope with a
part of your prize, you Will participate in our end
of year high stakes EURO 25,000,000 million
International Lottery Programme .To begin your claim,
please contact your claim AGENT:

David Briggs{CLAIM AGENT}

Please be informed that NON RESIDENCE of THE
NTHERLANDS will be required to make a NON DEDUCTABLE
advance payment for processing and legal documentation
charges of (€869.10 Cent) Eight Hundred And Sixty Nine
EuroTen Cent, to enable our legal department acquire
Notarisation papers from the Court prior to award
payment policy as required by the paying Financial Security
Company. Please be aware that your paying authority
will effect payment swiftly upon satisfactory report,
verifications and validation provided by our
Processing Agent, that would be designated to your file. For due
processing and remittance of your winning prize to
your designated account of choice. Remember all prize money must be
claimed not later than 15th June 2005. After this date,
all funds will be returned as unclaimed.
In order to avoid unnecessary delays and
complications, please remember to quote your Reference
and Batch numbers in all correspondences. Furthermore, should
there be any change of address do inform us as soon as

Once more congratulations!! from our members of staff
and thank you for being part of our promotionalprogram.
Note: Any one Under the age of 18yrs is automatically

Best Wishes,

Sonia Quay

{Loterij Co-ordinator}

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