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Pump and Dump: RXPC

Today's a good day for pumping and dumping, apparently. This nondescript little pump-and-dump spam turned up in the inbox while I was away from the keyboard, along with the usual "discount meds" spam that I never bother reporting here. The spam was received from ( -- that's "Chile", in case you're not familiar with the ".cl" code) on Tue, 17 May 2005 19:54:15 +0000. I've excluded the obligatory "forward looking statements" disclaimer from the copy below.

As an aside, I thought I'd check up the stock price online, and sure enough, it is trading at eight cents a share, as they say. The stock symbol to search for is "RXPC.PK", where the ".PK" part means it's listed on the "pink sheets" (and no current stock exchange wants to touch it with a bargepole). The Yahoo! five-day chart for the stock shows a flurry of activity on the stock early on the 16th (possibly the spammers buying up prior to pumping), and some activity on the 17th, but not enough to do anything terribly significant to the stock price -- yet.

Rx Processing Corp.(OTC: RXPC)
Revenues Year Ending 12/31/04: $822,130 (Unaudited: Source: 15c-211, 5/4/05)

Market Leader in Providing Prescription Drugs, Lab Tests and Drug Tests to
U.S. Citizens, Corporations, Unions, and Members Through FDA-Approved
Patient Service Centers for Their Lab Testing and Licensed Pharmacies in the
United States and Canada. (Source: News 5/10/05)

Current Price: .08

INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS: (Source: Recent News Releases)

1)Rx Processing Corp. Announces Strategic Partnership Agreement with
Financial Services International, Inc.- This alliance is anticipated to
increase sales of the Rx Processing's discounted prescription drugs and lab
services within large groups through the added benefit of FSI's Stored Value
Cards for payroll and payment services as well as improve the Company's
member ID card distribution process essential to servicing corporate

2)Rx Processing Corp Secures Five-Year Contract with The Health Advantage-
The contract is a five-year agreement establishing Rx Processing's ``Lab
Pass Network'' as the exclusive provider of discounted diagnostic testing to
The Health Advantage's large corporate clients, representing millions of

ABOUT RXPC (Source: News 3/29/05)

Rx Processing is rapidly becoming a market leader in providing prescription
drugs, lab tests and drug tests to U.S. citizens, corporations, unions, and
members through FDA-approved patient service centers for their Lab testing
and licensed pharmacies in the United States and Canada. The Company
provides access to more than 1,500 approved brand name and generic
medications and provides access to over 1,000 diagnostic tests including:
heart disease risk assessment, cancer detection and several other wellness
tests and early detection diagnostics ready for distribution an service in
the U.S. market through its company-owned and operated storefront locations
and affiliated storefronts with access to 3,000 FDA-approved patient service
centers. By utilizing Rx Processing, U.S. citizens can save up to 84% on
their daily prescriptions up to 50% on their lab testing and drugs

Please Watch This One Trade. These little stocks can surprise in a big way

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