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Pump and Dump: PHXI

Pump and dump remains a popular spam application for the time being with this spam (sent to a WHOIS contact address for a domain name registration) received from ( -- CTC Internet Services, NC, USA) on Sat, 21 May 2005 23:45:03 -0000. This looks like classic pump and dump, since PHXI is a sub-penny-per-share junk stock right at the moment. If you can persuade such a stock to go up in value a few cents, you can make a decent return on investment -- fraudulently, of course, but legalities and ethics don't feature prominently on the radar of spammers in general.

MAY 2000                                        COMPANY REPORT                          HTTP://WWW.BETBARN66.COM


Phoenix Interests, Inc.
An Online Horse Wagering and Entertainment Portfolio Company
Phoenix Interests, Inc.                               Symbol:  PHXI                
Stock Rating:                                            
     Strong Buy
Current Price:                                                  
Target Price:                                       
    $0.05 (+700%)
52 Week High/ Low:                         
     $0.0045 - $0.07
Public Float:                                           


About the Company and Industry:

Phoenix Interests, Inc.  is a business development company that makes investments into, develops and operates business lines within the gaming and entertainment industry. The company has recently launched its own premier online wager site for horse racing. BETBARN66.COM users can list other related industry products for sale in an online auction format. The company's long term growth plans include investment into strategic acquisitions in the gaming and entertainment industry that complement their business lines.

The online wagering industry both domestically and internationally is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Over the last year $2 billion alone was wagered online on horse racing. Overall the pari-mutuel horse wagering market is estimated to be a $15 billion industry. The company believes that with few real players in the market, BETBARN66.COM is poised to receive a portion of the up-trend from traditional wagering to online wagering.

The horse wagering industry is gaining more popularity with the addition of slot machines implemented in numerous tracks. This has increased the size of purses and has brought new spectators to the sport as a whole.

Breaking News - 04/16/05

Phoenix Interests, Inc. (OTCBB:PHXI) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Online Enterprises, Inc., is ready to "roll out" its aggressive marketing plan for its online account wagering site, The plan is geared to signing up large numbers of online wagering accounts, just in time for the Triple Crown. is an online site offering its customers the ability to watch and bet on great horse racing action from across the country and world. Customers with active open accounts pay no fees to wager and no subscription fees for their accounts. BetBarn66 offers a full range of options. Customers of make advance deposits in their accounts and are provided with a full range of wagering options, 20 channels of streaming video, hundreds of races daily, and thousands of replays. This combination of no-cost services, great racing, and wagering options makes BetBarn66 the best account-wagering site in the industry.

The company has run marketing campaigns in several test markets with solid results and is achieving its targets of adding new customers as well as handle. Jim D. Tilton, Jr., Chairman, CEO and President of Phoenix Interests, stated: "We instituted a marketing plan earlier this year and are seeing the fruits of those labors. Since then we have consistently added new accounts and increased handle. Our top weekly handle number was set and passed three times in March alone. The only week in March that didn&apst see an increase in total handle was the one which included Good Friday and leading up to Easter Sunday, which had a significantly reduced number of tracks offering racing Our week-to-week growth was strong throughout the month, with weekly increases of 74%, 96%, 101%, (4%) and 19%. March 31st was our single largest day of handle, exceeding the previous record for the site set earlier the same week. Annualized, these daily handle amounts would exceed $1.5 m illion in total handle. While we are pleased with our initial efforts, we anticipate continued growth in number of accounts as well as handle, and expect to continually have record days, weeks and months going forward."

The company, which began only taking wagers in January of this year, has set a target of 3,000 active accounts through the 2007 Triple Crown, or over the next two years. The company believes this "critical mass" of customers will enable the company to be "cash flow" positive, allowing the company to leverage this asset into other ancillary revenues. "We believe the company is now out of its startup phase and is now positioned to build our customer base and drive revenue," commented CEO Tilton. "We believe and will become household brands within the industry, starting with the Kentucky Derby on May 7th, 2005." All account wagering activity on is handled by AmericaTab, Ltd. a multi-jurisdictional simulcasting and interactive-wagering totalizator hub licensed by the State of Oregon. AmericaTab, Ltd. is licensed to operate by the Oregon Racing Commission and is a member of the AmericaTab affiliate system.

Recent Events

  • March 2005: The Company announced the implementation of a major marketing program in order to attract and expand its customer base for BETBARN66.COM.  
  • February 2005: The Company announced it has hired a mergers and acquisition firm in order to seek strategic acquisition opportunities.
  • January 2005: The Company announced that it has hosted its first online gaming tournament in which the winner will have a chance of competing for $500K.

Key Selling Point: The company is following a similar business model as UBET.COM, NASDAQ UBET. UBET is a highly profitable business whose stock has doubled in the last 6 months! PHXI is positioned to be the next UBET or could be a potential acquisition target once they achieve their target account goal.

Statements made in this news release that relate to future plans, events or performances are forward-looking statements. Any statement containing words such as "believes," "soon," "anticipates," "plans," or "expects," and other statements which are not historical facts contained in this release are forward-looking, and these statements involve risks and uncertainties and are based on current expectations. Consequently, actual results could differ materially from the expectations expressed in these forward-looking statements. Reference is made to the Company&apss filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a more complete discussion of such risks and uncertainties.


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