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This blog is not frequently updated because most case-by-case scam reports are now listed in subordinate blogs. At this point in time, most of my efforts are targeted at documenting employment scams in the Suckers Wanted blog.


Payment Processing Job Scam:

These are popular at the moment, aren't they? You can see all the usual signs in this alleged "job ad": they require no skills, but want you to be an honest sucker with access to Internet Banking. I'd wager pounds to pence that the job involves accepting payments via direct deposit into your account, and then forwarding it (minus your cut) overseas. This is also known as "money laundering", and it's not a good idea to do it, or so the police will tell you when they come to investigate your posession of stolen money.

The domain "" was registered on 2005-04-26 through Yahoo domains (popular with phishers) for one year. The message was sent to an Australian address from (in Portugal, according to WHOIS) on Mon, 9 May 2005 06:16:52 +1000 (note timezone).


We are glad to draw your attention to very interesting proposal from well-known and respected Rest & Travel Company.
    After 8 years of success selling travel tickets and tours on-line our company launches new regional managers&aps
recruitment campaign and we are ready to suggest you one of currently available positions. This is unique chance indeed
giving you an opportunity to start your career on-line, because neither experience nor skills are required to obtain this position.
    The only restrictions are that you should not have any serious criminal records; you should have perfect credit history,
PC and internet access also. Please notice that this is not sales gimmick requiring you to pay join-fees, recruit other
people or sign-up a mail-list. In fact the number of vacancies is limited.

    If you are interested please send an email to and you will be sent detailed information regarding
this proposal in reply. After reading it you can make your final decision and request an Application Form.
After filling the form you can start working immediately earning subsidiary profit to your current income.
    If you have any additional questions don&apst hesitate to send an email to and our attendants will try to
provide you with detailed and qualified reply.
Thanks for reading our message and your attention.
We hope that our proposal seems to be interesting to you.
Sincere regards,
Kelley Crabtree
HR Manager
Rest & Travel Co.

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